Don't Drag Me Into This - Zayn Malik Fanfiction

When Jasmine is dragged out to a party she knows will ruin her reputation, things go better than she expects.


1. Shopping

Carrie dragged me out if the car. i sighed, not wanting to walk in. “are you serious? why are you suddenly deciding to do this now? it’s bad for you, Care. You know that.” i said as we walked into a tribal printed smoke&hookah shop. “come on, i just wanna try some new things, chill out.” she said, i sighed and shook my head. “fine.. but you know it’s bad for you Carrie, don’t say i didn’t warn you.” she rolled her eyes at me and wandered towards the cigars, i passed by some bongs, “jfc. they have a studded one.” i said as i pointed to it. she laughed, as we kept wandering. she stopped by the thin, strawberry cigars. “these.” she said picking one up and sniffing it. “are you sure?” i asked, still really worried for her. she rolled her eyes. “this is the one my aunt let me try, i know it.” she said heading towards the cashier to pay. “is that it for you today?” the cashier said with a slight middle eastern accent. “oh yeah! one hookah and a 24 pack of Marlboro.” she said, pulling her card out. i gazed at her in amazement. “what.” i said holding myself down from smacking her, “are you serious.” she smiled at me, “don’t worry! this isn’t just for me. we’re going to a party later, and they asked me to buy this stuff.” she said, still totally calm. “WE?! ARE YOU CRAZY CARRIE. i’m not going anywhere near that shit.” i said, as we walked out to the car. her face turned into a pout, like a puppy begging. “pleeease Jasmine, please please please.” she begged, i was helpless, reluntless. i sighed, “fine. but just because you’re my best friend.” I said with a fake smile. she clapped and cheered as we pulled out of the parking lot. what have i just gotten myself into?

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