Don't Drag Me Into This - Zayn Malik Fanfiction

When Jasmine is dragged out to a party she knows will ruin her reputation, things go better than she expects.


2. New People

we were both getting ready in her house for the party, since i had already gotten ready at my house, i slumped nearby her, to help her out. and soon enough we were out and about, headed to the place. as we pulled into the lot, i could smell smoke and feel the boomboxes shake the ground, “i’m gonna head over there Jasmine!” i heard Carrie yell. she had walked away before i could even say anything to her. I sat myself in an empty room, probably a teenage guy’s room, according to all the skateboards on the wall, could be a girl too though, you never know. i sighed and slowly examined all of the boards. i picked one up, it was scratched and a lot of the picture was missing. i heard the door swing open, i ignored it though. “.. uh, can i help you?” i heard as i looked up to see a teenage boy, who looked A LOT like zayn malik, but more tired, i was still fangirling inside though.. this was probably his room. i slowly hung the board back up, “is that your favourite board?” i asked him. he nodded, “how’d you know?” he asked as he locked the door and sat on the bed. i was actually pretty worried that he locked it. i stepped closer towards the wall, “it looks like you’ve done a lot with it,” i said, pointing to all the scratches. i kept my eye on the door. “don’t worry, i’m not some rapist. i locked it to keep the high bastards out of here.” he said turning around to his laptop, i looked back at the boards, cooling down a bit. “oh, okay.” i said, still feeling a lot of pressure. there was a long silence. “well i’m Zayn.” he said breaking the ice, i gasped with surprise, “…. M-Malik?” i said, staring at him, he turned around and smirked at me. “so you’ve heard of me?” he said, still smirking. i smiled at him, “of course i have, you’re in the world’s biggest boy band.” i said, he smiled back and patted the bed next to him, signaling me to sit down. i sat, happy with myself. “don’t you smoke though, zayn?” i said looking up at him before he could turn back around to his laptop. he shrugged, “i have a cigarette once in a while, not everyday though, and i didn’t wanna try and hookah or shit today.” he said, as he fully turned around. i was alone, yet again. “why aren’t you down there smoking?” he asked me. i looked at him, then back down. “i’m not a smoker. i came here cause my friend dragged me.” he shrugged it off, “i see.” he said, then patting the bed next to him again. i dragged my butt over to him as my legs dangled off the bed. “so what’s your name?” he asked, turning his head to me. “oh i’m Jasmine..” i said shaking his hand. “so why were you in here?” he asked me as he scooted closer. i shrugged, “it was the only empty room i guess.” i said, shrugging it off. he smiled at me, “have you got a twittah?” he said, i just smiled at the way he pronounced everything, and eventually nodded, “well, what is it?” he said facing the laptop screen towards me, “it’s @insertyourtwitterhere.” i said smiling. “cool, i’ll follow.” he said already on my page. he was scrolling down, “leave leave leave leave leave leave leave leave leave leave leave.” I kept repeating moving his hands and head away from the laptop. he tackled me, him above me holding my legs down with his knees and holding my arms down with one hand and he scrolled through the page. “zaayn!” i yelled just about to bite him. “hm, what’s this? ‘guys follow my tumblr!’” he said, i freaked out. “NO ZAYN DON’T TOUCH THAT.” i yelled trying to get free, he let go of my hands and then immediantly started tickling me. “zayn! No! Stop!! Zayn!” i yelled through laughter. then finally getting a grip of me and holding me down again, he clicked it, showing my 1D blog. “crap, zayn leaaave!” i begged him, “no way! this shit it great.” he said, scrolling down my blog. “look that’s me!” he said running his hands through his flattened quiff. “i look goooood.” he said biting his lip. “oh my gosh zayn get off of me!” i said struggling to get free again. someone cleared their throat by the door, Zayn & I immediantly froze to see an older woman, Zayn’s Mom. i thought he locked the door? he got right off me & ran his hand through his hair again as his eyes wandered everywhere. “uh..” he said as his mom just stared at him, not even caring to take a quick glance at me. “erm, it was me..” i said taking the blame, because it was partly my fault. She & Zayn looked at me like i was crazy, “uh, yeah.. i started everything, and i should be heading off now..” i said getting my phone and starting to head out the door. “what?! no?! wait!” Zayn said as i made a step towards the exit. “no it wasn’t her it was me! i started it and if we would have gone longer, it would have gotten worse, so thank you for coming in to check on me mom. She looked at him funny, “i came in here to tell you that most of your guests have already left and a few of your friends are cleaning, and if you could help them with that. i didn’t come in here to tell her to leave, and plus you seem to like her a lot..” she said smiling at us both. Zayn turned red and burried his head in his hands, i smiled to myself. “we’ll be down in a second,” he said finally looking up as she left. i stepped back in the room, looking at him. he looked up at me and gave me a “oh well” sorta smile. i rolled my eyes and shook my head, “well we might as well head down there now, right?” i asked as i held my hand out for him to get up and grab, which was exactly what he did. we both looked down at our gently gripped together hands, and back up into each other’s eyes. he lead me down the stairs and into the kitchen. everyone was staring at us, we had both just realized we were still holding hands as we entered, my hand fliched away from his and behind my back, his went up behind his neck. everyone eyebrowed us as we picked up some bags. “oh, Jasmine this is my friend Tom.” Zayn said introducing me to him. i shook his hand. He had perfect blue eyes, blond hair, and a few freckles. he was pretty. but then again, who isn’t pretty to me? “i thought you woulda known me, i’m Carrie’s boyfriend?” he said, as we let go. my jaw dropped at Carrie. I never believed she had a boyfriend because i never met him. “really?” i said looking back at him. He nodded as Carrie went over to him and held his hand. she stuck her tongue out at me, “see biatch. ” she said eyebrowing me & checking me out. i shook my head, “ugh. but anyway. you never told me we were going go Zayn fucking Malik’s house.” i said, doing exactly what she did to me. “i don’t tell you a lot of things.” she said rolling her eyes at me & wiping the table. “‘cause you’re a whore.” i said proceeding to pick up more trash. in about an hour, the house was absolutely spotless. “we did a pretty good job.” Zayn said, as we all stared down at the rooms from the landing of the staircase. we all nodded agreeingly.  ”i’m gonna head home.” Carrie said as Tom nodded, along with her. “that means me too.” i said, “she’s sorta my ride.” Zayn nodded at us, Carrie and Tom started heading down the stairs, once they left, Zayn looked back at me. “we should hang out sometime soon.. maybe over lunch?” he said, looking down at his fingers, then back up at me. “yeah. that sounds great!” i said nodding agreeingly, “how about tomorrrow?” i asked, his face lit up as he smiled at me. “that would be amazing..” he said, as his face turned into a lopsided frown, “but i’m meeting with the boys to do something tomorrow, unless you wanna go with us?” he asked. my whole face lit up. “yes! of course!” i said, smiling my widest. he smiled at me again, “that’s great, then.” he said. i took his phone  from his hand, and dialled in my number, “text me or something.” i said smiling as i headed down the stairs, and out the door, i could hear his confused mumbling just before i shut the door, “bye!” i said as the door fully shut and i hopped into the car with Carrie. “that took forever.” she said as she pulled out of the lot. “me & zayn were setting up stuff, sorry.” i said, her face lit up, “REALLY OH MY GOD, IM SO PROUD OF YOU JASMINE YOUR FIRST REAL BOYFRIEND IS ZAYN MALIK!” she said as i rolled my eyes at her. “he’s not my boyfriend, whore. and what do you mean ‘first REAL boyfriend?” i said, rolling the window down. “oh, well i mean zayn was you first fake boyfriend too..” she said laughing, i gently hit her, “psh! I’ve had plenty of boyfriends!” i said chuckling. “sure, sure.. so where are you guys going tomorrow?” she asked, “just some lunch then hanging out with the boys.” i said, totally calm outside, freaking out inside.

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