Don't Drag Me Into This - Zayn Malik Fanfiction

When Jasmine is dragged out to a party she knows will ruin her reputation, things go better than she expects.


3. Meeting

Jasmine's POV~

‘i’m out here’ i read the text, “bye mom! i’ll be back tonight!” i yelled running towards the door, “okay have fun!” she yelled back before i shut the door. i walked out fitting everything into my purse, to see Zayn in his car outside my house. i smiled as i got it. “you look amazing,” he said as he sorta checked me out, but in a good way, not the ‘damn she’s hot’ way. i smiled back at him, “don’t mind if i say so myself,” i said as i giggled. “so what do you want before we head over to the guys?” he asked, quickly glancing at me. i shrugged, “it doesn’t really matter, it’s up to you, even fast food would be great.” i said, i didn’t really care what i ate, as long as i ate. he smirked at me, “come on. just choose.” i saw an in-n-out coming up, “how about here?” i asked, pointing over to it, he smiled, “sounds good, drive thru?” he asked, i nodded, as he pulled in.
once we had gotten to the studio, probably where the boys were at, we had finished everything, and just got out, i was carrying the trash out, since dirt bugged me. he laughed at me as he locked the car and went to come help me out. “why are you carrying that?” he asked me as he took some from the top. “i don’t like dirt.” i said simply throwing the trash away. “wow.” he said rolling his eyes at me, then grasping my hand. i looked down and smiled, he kept his head forward, for the most of it. a security guard stopped me, breaking Zayn & Me apart, “uh, i’m with him?” i said, nervously pointing. “i don’t think so,” he said as zayn ruffled his eyebrows at me. “yo, she’s with me?” Zayn said as he proceeded to grab my hand, “is she on the list?” the guard said pulling his glasses down, zayn shrugged, “i don’t think so.” “well does she have an appointment? is she here as an interviewer?” the guard kept insisting, “SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND.” Zayn yelled at the guard, he put both his hands up surrendering and Zayn pulled me in. Did he just call me his girlfriend? Maybe it was just to get me in.. We quickly bumped into the boys, near the vending machine. “why do they have apples in a vending machine?” Niall asked, adorably. “Apples are healthy!” Liam said shrugging as Niall looked as if he was about to die of hunger. JFC. TAKE THE WHEEL. THEY ARE LITERALLY A FOOT AWAY FROM ME AND I’M TRYING TO HOLD MY EMOTIONS IN OMG. Harry turned to look at us, oh god, his eyes were even greener in real life. “Oh, hi!” He said as he came up to do a handshake with Zayn and greet me with a hug. The other boys turned around, “who’s this? a fan?” Lou said, stupidly. Zayn looked at him like he was mentally challenged. “this is Jasmine.” he said introducing me to all of them. all their jaws dropped. is that good or bad. omg. “THIS is Jasmine?” Harry said, really shocked. Zayn nodded smiling. I threw out a fake smile. They knew me?! "Have you introduced me to them, without me even knowing?" I said through the smile. Zayn smiled geekily and shrugged, "Maybe, baby." "Wait so are you two dating?" Louis said again, stupidly. "Oh, uh, um, well.." I said, stuttering, hoping Zayn would come in any second now. "Uh.. Well, we sorta met at a party the other night.." Zayn said, I was relieved. "That hookah party you had at your house?" Niall said with a disgusted face. "You sure you guys weren't high when you met?" Harry said. My jaw dropped. Zayn ruffled his eyebrows, "You tryna say somethin, Styles?" We all broke out in laughter as Paul signaled for them to come into the room. I had just realized there were plaques hanging all around the walls. When we got into the room, I saw Savan and Simon. I didn't know what to do, Savan made me die of laughter, Simon made me die of horrific words. So I decided to sit on the ground right next to the door. I noticed Zayn scanning the room looking for me. When he finally found me, he came up to me and stuck his hand out. Sadly, I took it and he helped me up. We walked towards the group of boys sitting around the couch. Zayn went behind me and slid his hands around my waist. I saw Niall give us another dirty look, and from the corner of my eye, Zayn sticking his tongue out. Simon looked at me, I was scared as hell, then continued speaking like I hadn't even been there. They spoke about the new album hitting the charts and all of the interviews that they needed to go to. Nothing more, nothing less. 

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