Can't Do Better

It was Jasmine and Zayn's one year anniversary. She goes to his apartment to give him a one year anniversary gift. She catches him kissing on another girl. She broke up with him. 2 years later what happens when she meets him again. Will she go back and date Zayn again? Or will a bandmate catches her eyes and starts falling for her? Go read and find out NOW!!


3. VMA's Time

Once I arrived home, first thing I did was take a bath. I let the warm water run down, I stripped my clothing off and got in. I stayed in for a long and relaxed time until I heard a knocking on the door. I got out and grabbed a towel. Gaby stood there with her arms crossed. ' Do you not see the time, there's only 3 more hours left until the awards but either way, Hair and Makeup Crew are here. Plus they got you a dress. I haven't seen it yet.' She quietly yelled if that's possible before grabbing my wrist. After an hour of hair and makeup, it was time for my dress. It was black and long. That's all I noticed until I put it on. It had two cuts on the side, exposing some on my skin, it had a cut from my left knee. It held my breasts perfectly and it didn't show too much skin. It was perfect. My hair was straighten and I had light black makeup. I actually looked nice. I smiled widely and hugged my crew thanking them. 'Its time to go Jasmine, the boys will meet you there.' I got up and walked into the car, excited for my performances. I kept playing with my phone not realizing we arrived at red carpet and I have to get out. I got out and flash attacked my eyes. It was my first award and first performance so I wasn't used to it. I turned around the car was gone and spotted the boys. Liam,Niall and Louis were posing with their girlfriends, they were literally flawless. Zayn and Harry were posing alone, I felt bad, not for Zayn but Harry. I walked over to him and kissed his cheek just to grab attention. He turned around leaving only centimeters between us. His eyebrows rose as he looked at my dress and face. 'You look just...speechless' he pulled me closer causing me to giggle. We posed for some photos and went in. We went to take our seats and saw Zayn already. 'It's about time, your here.' He said without looking up from his phone. 'Oh sorry man'. Harry sat down as I sat next to him.
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