Can't Do Better

It was Jasmine and Zayn's one year anniversary. She goes to his apartment to give him a one year anniversary gift. She catches him kissing on another girl. She broke up with him. 2 years later what happens when she meets him again. Will she go back and date Zayn again? Or will a bandmate catches her eyes and starts falling for her? Go read and find out NOW!!


9. Titanic/McDonald's

It was a sad movie. I shed tears while the movie was going. Seeing the boat sink and those people that died. The most sad part for me was when the people where looking for the people that were in the water and the baby had died in the water. It was 8:00 pm. We were all hungry so we decided to all go out and eat. We went to McDonald's and we bought a lot of food. We all talked,ate, and we all laughed. We had great time. When the rest of the crew were about to go home I told them to stay at my place. ' hey, you all can stay at my place if you want?' I said. They all nodded and came to my house. When we got home I went straight to the bedroom and Harry followed. I went to the bed and I just layed down next to him. I wanted to know more about him besides his famous side. 'So, Harry tell me, how many girlfriends have you had?' 'Oh, I had plenty.' He said. 'What about you, how many boyfriends have you had?' He asked. 'Well, I had a couple.' I said. 'So, what do you want to do 2mm?' I asked. 'Lets go to the beach 2mm. He said. 'Alright.' I said. I got up from the bed and I took a shower. After that I went straight to bed and crashed.
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