Can't Do Better

It was Jasmine and Zayn's one year anniversary. She goes to his apartment to give him a one year anniversary gift. She catches him kissing on another girl. She broke up with him. 2 years later what happens when she meets him again. Will she go back and date Zayn again? Or will a bandmate catches her eyes and starts falling for her? Go read and find out NOW!!


21. Photoshoot Time

This was one of the outfits I worn at the photoshoot. It's casual and nice. I really low this dress.

3 Hours Later

"I really had a good time at the photoshoot. Thank you so much to everyone." I said and left the photoshoot studio. "Now that we're alone want to hang out?" Harry asked. "Yup." I said. " My manager Gabs said that I don't have to work for the rest of the week." I said. " Im so glad now I can relax and spend the week with you." I said. " Are you busy this whole week? " I asked. "Actually, I was going to tell you that I'm not busy this whole week and I decided that you are going to come and spend the week with me. " Harry said. " I would love to." I said. " Lets go to my house, I want to pack some things before we leave to your house." I said.
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