Can't Do Better

It was Jasmine and Zayn's one year anniversary. She goes to his apartment to give him a one year anniversary gift. She catches him kissing on another girl. She broke up with him. 2 years later what happens when she meets him again. Will she go back and date Zayn again? Or will a bandmate catches her eyes and starts falling for her? Go read and find out NOW!!


6. Heading to my House

Gaby attacked me with a hug. ' Jasmine you were amazing!' I hugged her back. I looked back at Harry, he was talking to the boys and laughing. I walked towards them. 'Damn Jasmine you were just whoa' Niall said. I laughed and thanked him. I looked at Harry and ask him 'So how'd you like the dance?' I smirked. He started to blush, he pulled me closer and whispered in my ear ' I like you Jasmine a lot.' Making me giggle instantly. ' I like you too Harold.' His face lid up and he put a hand on my cheek. He leaned in 'Can I kiss you?'I bit my lip before nodding. He crashed his lips onto mine making me smile during the kiss. He pulled me in closer, pinning me against the wall. I wrapped my arms around his neck and once we pulled away, I see Zayn staring at us. 'Its not nice to stare.' I said and I rolled my eyes at him. I grabbed Harry out. 'Aye Harry, wanna crash at my place? The boys can come too with their girlfriends.' We got into the van and sat at back alone while everyone sat in front. He pulled me close and I felt his warm breath on my neck. He traced yes on my neck earning a moan from me. He pulled my hair to the side, exposing my neck as he sucked my neck. 'Harry...stop'. I tried to control myself. He dug his teeth in biting me slightly making me groan. The car stopped making me slam into Harry. 'The two at the back, you can stop having sex now. We're here now' Louis said. Zayn glared at me. 'Oh damn, baby put your boxers back on. I joked. 'Heres your bra babe' Harry joked along. I messed up his hair and he did the same before pecking my lips. They all stared at us as if they saw a ghost. I looked at Zayn who literally glaring at me. I turned back at Harry and whispered in his ear as my hand landed on his crotch making him widen his eyes. 'Be prepared for a wild night'. I grabbed his hand out of the car, then he wrapped his arms around me as we made our way to the house.
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