Can't Do Better

It was Jasmine and Zayn's one year anniversary. She goes to his apartment to give him a one year anniversary gift. She catches him kissing on another girl. She broke up with him. 2 years later what happens when she meets him again. Will she go back and date Zayn again? Or will a bandmate catches her eyes and starts falling for her? Go read and find out NOW!!


7. Hanging out with the Friends

I walked out of the living room with Eleanor wearing our pajamas. I was wearing boy shorts with a tank top since it was humid. As I was putting my hair up, Zayn's went into shock following with Eleanor's gasp. I looked at them confused before she dragged me into the washroom. 'Look at your neck jasmine.' she quietly screamed at me. I charged out the room yelling Harry's name, giving him a slap on the chest. 'Look at what you left.' I slapped my neck literally a million times. He pulled me down to his lap and whispered 'Now everyone know your mine' I shook my head getting myself comfortable 'Wait do you want me to be yours?' He bit his lip before looking down at mine nodding. 'Then I'm yours' I leaned in to kiss him but we were disturbed. 'Its time for spin the bottle.' Louis shouted. We all made towards the carpet and sat in a circle. 'Who's going first? Niall looked around. They all pointed at me making my jaw drop. 'Meanies' I mumbled. 'Whoever this pointed at, you have to go on top of them and have extremely tended make out with them.' I looked at Harry and he didn't look to happy. The bottle spun and went between.... Zayn and Eleanor. It stopped at Zayn. I am not going to kiss Zayn. 'Umm, Guys I'm sorry I don't want to play no more.' I said. 'But, how come you dont want to play?' Niall said. 'Im Sorry Guys, I can't.' I got up from the ground and I went to the kitchen. I went to the fridge and I got some ice cream. I left the kitchen with the ice cream in my hand. I passed through the living room and they continued to play spin the bottle. I went to the bedroom and I just stared at the walls while I was eating my ice cream. Then, someone nocked on the door. 'Who is it?' I Shouted. 'Its me Harry'. 'Come in' I Said. 'hey babe, how come you didn't wanted to play no more?
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