Unforgivable Mistakes

Kendall Dawson is your average teenage girl. She is flying out to England to stay with her cousin, Liam Payne, until her dad and brother come back from their around the world trip. When Kendall meets her cousin's friends, they instantly become friends. But what she doesn't know is that two of the boys are secretly fighting for her heart. Who will she choose? Who are in love with her? Just more questions to fill her mind as she comes closer to a life changing accident.


2. She's Mine!

Niall's POV

When I first saw Kendall I knew I wanted to make her mine. Somehow I felt like I've known her for so long after just knowing her for an evening. The problem is Liam had a talk with us before she even got here.


"Just to be clear, when my cousin gets here; I don't want any of you putting any moves on her. She's my cousin and I love her. She is my favorite cousin, I have already seen her get hurt once and I'm not going to let that happen again. Her mother passed away when she was just a little girl, and having an ass of a boyfriend made it worse. She always tries to cover up her pain, she may seem like a happy soul on the outside, but she is hurt and broken on the inside. No one will lay a finger on her. Got it!" Liam explained to us. We all got it. It's no problem for Liam, Louis, and Zayn to not fall for her. Louis has a girlfriend called Eleanor, Zayn has a girlfriend called Kim, and Liam...well, he's her cousin. I'm just worried about Harry and myself. We're single and might fall for her. We won't know.


My feelings for her are kind of strong right now. I won't know until later on. It's September right now, she'll go back to the US in January of the new year. I wish she never left.

Harry's POV

Kendall Dawson is a beautiful girl! Her curly brown hair, gray-blue eyes, and her perfect smile. She just stole my heart in a minute. I can't believe I'm not allowed to like her because of Liam. I can't believe he can't trust us. We would never hurt her. He should know that. It should pop to his mind at some point. After eating, I went to the restroom to wash my hands with Niall. There was an awkward silence between us, minus the running water. But he broke the silence by saying something that made my heart sink.

"I think I might have a little crush on Kendall. She is so amazing, any longer I might fall in love with her." he said. I froze and turned off the water. I just stood there staring at him.

"You can't like her!" I cracked. He looked at me.

"I know, Liam said so, but you won't tell would you." he smiled.

"Not because Liam said so! Because I said so! I like Kendall!" I nearly shouted.

"I saw her first! So she's mine!" He shouted in a whisper.

"No, I saw her first! She's mine!" I shouted in a whisper.

"She's mine!" We both said in unison. We scowled at each other and just walked out without saying a word to each other. I can't believe we are mad at each other for liking the same girl. We swore to never do this, but Kendall's charms are so irresistible! How can I manage? How can Niall manage!? Like I said, Kendall Dawson is MINE!

Zayn's POV

When I met Kendall, I thought she was very beautiful. After getting to know her, I loved her as if she was my sister. I vowed to Liam's request and to loving my incredible girlfriend Kim, (She is portrayed by Lucy Hale). But after I saw Harry and Niall come out of the restroom looking mad at each other I stepped in and asked them why. They explained to me that they have both fallen for Kendall. I can't believe they actually fell in love with the same girl. I just tried to reason with them to cool it off with each other. They didn't want to. So I got an idea that is good for them, but very bad for Liam.

"How about letting Kendall choose? Measure her feelings and actions between you two. She can hang out with Niall and he will tell me how she acted with him and how her mood was. Then Harry, you will do the same. All of us are going to get some alone time with her to give her a tour around the town so she can get comfortable around here. We'll show her different places. I will do the math with Louis and find out which one of you she is most comfortable with. Got it?" I explained. They looked at each other then back to me with huge grins.

"Got it!" they said in unison. We caught up with the others and went back home. It was late. I was tired. Kendall must have been more tired after giving me a poisonous chip! I hate too much hot sauce, she seemed to have enjoyed almost killing me. But hey, she is too cute to get mad at. Somehow I forgive her. I can see why the two children here like her so much. Liam asked me to carry her to bed while he gets her bed ready. She was fast asleep. It made me smile to see her sleep so peacefully on her first day in England. Just think of five more months with this bundle of joy. Who knows how she will impact our lives? I know that it will change the bond between best friends, Niall and Harry. When I set Kendall in her bed, I kissed her forehead goodnight as if she was my sister. I left Liam and her to sleep while I go to my room. As I passed by Niall's room, I heard him singing to himself. He wrote down some words. I quietly walk in and look over his shoulder. He was writing a song called "Irresistible". He tried to play his guitar as quietly as possible not to disturb anyone. But he made a loud sound when I said something. I guess he didn't notice when I walked in. 

"Sorry mate." I apologized, "Are you writing a song?" I asked picking up his music sheet. He writes songs all the time. Sometimes we even sing them for fun in our basement, or as we call it our music room. They are amazing. At most points we help him write them. We never thought of becoming famous, we were just five boys with a music room.

"Yeah. It came to me when we were in Nandos with Kendall. This is how I think of her...Irresistible." he replied afterwords. I smiled at the lyrics, he must really have feelings for her. But it depends who SHE has feelings for. I left Niall to his songwriting and walked passed Harry's room watching him write in his "Man Journal". He calls it a "Man Journal", because "Diary" is for girls. So he came up with something as stupid as "Man Journal". I walked in and snatched the journal out of his grasp. He looked at me in surprise and tried to get his journal back. 

"Zayn, give me back my 'Man Journal'!" he squealed. I ran into his closet and closed the door and read what he has written so far:

Dear Man Journal,

I met this girl called Kendall Dawson. She is an amazing girl, but she is Liam's cousin. I'm not allowed to like her because of him. I would never hurt someone as fragile as her! My feelings for her is like how I love my friends. She is more to me than a friend though. From the minute I saw her, I wanted her to be my baby. I get butterflies in my stomach when I see her, my heart races when we touch, and most of all, my mood is lifted by her amazing personality and cute laugh. If I could get her to be mine, I'll be the happiest man alive! The other problem is, Niall likes her too. We are now kind of fighting for her heart. It might not seem right, but this is love. And if only one of us can have her, then that one person WILL be ME!



I started to smile at it too. But I started to laugh when I realized it was Harry and his "Man Journal". I came out and gave it back to him.

"I'm starting to think this is going to be hard for Kendall." I said. Harry smiled and put his journal back in his desk. This time I really went to bed. Let's see if Harry and Niall won't kill each other before we wake up.

A/N: Just a little information on their girlfriends. Louis of course has the gorgeous Eleanor Calder. Liam's girlfriend is named Bella. Bella is portrayed by Skyler Samuels. Zayn's girlfriend is named Kim, she is portrayed by Lucy Hale like I said before. Kendall is portrayed by Danielle Campbell (On the lower left of the cover). The boys are not YET One Direction. Also, on the lower right of my cover, Kristen will be coming in a little bit later in the story. She will be a main character. Only the most important characters are in my cover. The other boys are also very important, but the four in my cover are more. Thank You For Reading! -Kylie <3

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