Unforgivable Mistakes

Kendall Dawson is your average teenage girl. She is flying out to England to stay with her cousin, Liam Payne, until her dad and brother come back from their around the world trip. When Kendall meets her cousin's friends, they instantly become friends. But what she doesn't know is that two of the boys are secretly fighting for her heart. Who will she choose? Who are in love with her? Just more questions to fill her mind as she comes closer to a life changing accident.


1. Five Months With Complete Morons

Kendall's POV

It wasn't long until we got to my cousin Liam's house. He promised that we would have the best five months together ever. That's what I like about him, he likes to have fun. When we got to his house, I was speechless. It was huge for a house! I saw five boys walking towards the car. I opened my door and came out to face Liam. He smiled and hugged me tight.

"I missed you Kendall!" he said.

"I missed you too, Liam." I hugged him the tightest I could. They helped me with my bags and showed me around the house. I was sharing a room with Liam as there were only five rooms. At least he kept it cleaned. I left my stuff on my bed and went down stairs to join the boys. Liam introduced us all, and in that instant we all became friends. They decided to throw questions at me to figure me out. Liam barely gave me any questions.

"What part of the US do you live in?" Harry asked. 

"California." I replied.

"Favorite Food?" Niall asked.

"Anything edible." I smiled. He smiled and looked to Liam. Liam just rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Your favorite name for a...baby girl!" Zayn asked, awkward question but oh well.

"Um...I've always liked the names Faith or Hope." I said. I have been thinking of names for my future children since 7th grade. It never really bothered me on the last names, but you know. I'll find someone.

"Are you hungry?" Louis asked. I smiled and nodded.

"Good! Cause I am starving! Let's eat." he said holding his stomach.

"Well let's go then. How about showing our guest what we eat on eat out night." Liam said getting his keys.

"NANDO'S!" They all shouted in joy. I laughed and we all piled into the small car. I had to sit in Harry's lap with Niall constantly poking my legs. When we got to Nando's I didn't really expect there to be a giant black chicken at the door greeting people. I was creeped out by it a little. When we walked by, it waved. We sat in the corner booth. We ordered and waited for our food to be brought to us. In the mean time, we started goofing off. Louis put straws up his meat teeth and acted like a walrus. We laughed our heads off. When our food came, I grabbed some hot sauce and covered a seasoned fry. I sneaked it onto Zayn's plate and waited for him to eat it. Once he did, his face was frozen. Then it hit him like a bullet. He hopped up and down in his chair and stole my water. He drank it all. We all laughed at him chewing on ice. 

"Not cool..." he said. We continued eating. Suddenly, the boys started to throw crumbs of food at each other. It was clear that I would be spending five months with complete morons. I'm not as much as a moron as them. They are bigger morons...

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