Ice princes

Jessica montery wanders through the woods and bumps into the one and only........Niall Horan. With a live of figure skating and competing and trying to stick together the frienship with niall being famous could the pull it off? Stop and forget? Become more or all end in tears?


2. The ice

I glide gracefuly across the ice at guildford spectrum ice rink. The cold atmosphere is what I love. I prefere cold to hot but you know, I'm wiered. I use a lot of power to go around the corner into a spread eagle that ends in with a triple axle. I practosed my deathdrop, flying sit spin and my doughnut spin. My most complicated spin was the spin where you go into a back spin, grab oposite arm to leg and lift it up into a full split. I do all my triples and jump sequences.

Im doing all this practise for the winter olympic games this year (still 2009) snd my friendshipwith niall could not go any stronger. But I do have feelings gor him.. but I dont think he likes me back but you know dont say anything or end it all. Oh well.

Itake off my boots and get changed for school, I go to st. Peters catholic school. I go to catholic school because where I live is just cavy schools who's students do drugs. Niallis in mullinger Ireland but I skype him everyday. I pull out my phone and log on to see that niall was on to was was so close to cluck call but he did it before me. Someone is over exited....………

" Hey niall whats up?" I ask him all gangster
"Nothin much you?" He said all poshly
"Ni????????" I drag
"Are you going to watch me compete mext month?" I ask all worried
"Wellllll I got tickets to watch you but I could sell them" he said with a imaginary beard
"Your joking, right?"
"Yes Im comind jess dont worry" he said
"Dont do thaf you know how importsnt this is to me" I whined
"Well u gotta go schools going to start" he said sadly
"Yeah ok cheer up ring me after school ok?" O asked ge nodded, said his goodby and ended the call. This was going to be s month of training before the olympics.
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