Ice princes

Jessica montery wanders through the woods and bumps into the one and only........Niall Horan. With a live of figure skating and competing and trying to stick together the frienship with niall being famous could the pull it off? Stop and forget? Become more or all end in tears?


1. Aimlessly walking 1

I walk through the woods, the aroma of fir tree is around me. The warm summers air gives a warming feeling. With every step I take twigs crack and dead leaves like skeletons crunch beneath my boots. The tall towers ocupy acres of land. I jear gentle strumming. A lught humming all getting louder with eack metre, foot and inch. Its like an angle singing, with a voice so pure. Its harmony is mesmorising and can force you into a trance. I stopped. The noise got louder. But I was not moving. This person was traveling towards my direction. With my brown hair waving frantincly by the new come wind I bump into someone. I force my head upwards. It's Niall.........Horan

"Um hi what's your name? Im urr well....Niall urmmm so like yeahhh..."
"Im jess. So what are you doing in guildford?" I ask extending a hand which he gladly took. But instead of shaking it he gently held it and began walking very slowly.
"Well my friend lives here, I came to visit but we kinda got into a arguement si I came here and I found you." He says with a smile
"Oh ok thats cool. Anyway you have an amazing voice." I say while swinging my arm which is still held by Niall.
"You know what? I feel really comfterble around you even though we just met."
"Yeah, so do I" I said

That was the start of a great friendship, a year of tears and comforting, a year of secrets, a year of standing up for each other, a year of helping, a year of smiling, a year of leading eachother down the right path, a year of holidays by the river and catching fish with bare hands. That was 2009

So many memories and thats were it all begun
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