School, Hair , Thongs and Me ........

When Tia Smith Starts secondary school her brain goes into overload worrying about so many different things fights , Boys , Girls and me can she handle it and get through the year ?


2. Hair!!

Omg Today i spent about like 5 hours actually less doing my hair i was going for the Hollywood look like Brittany spears style but it didn't work so now i have 80s style permed hair and mum is saying it is cool and im like maybe in the 1800s mum but not in 2012 common!! So now i am  wearing a robbers hat to make sure no one notices me !! Only my Gloss Gang NOO one else absolutely no one else !! I just hope i don't get caught putting makeup on in the toilets at break and doing my hair with Jades Straighteners!!




Detention Tia , Jade , Sasha , Lizzy and Kim !!!!!!!!!! Screamed Mrs pierce !!

That is how i will remember that Always like that so its 12:00 and Ive been told that i have detention its only the second day i bet my mum will ground me from Facebook for a week !! That is just my LUCK isn't it !!



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