School, Hair , Thongs and Me ........

When Tia Smith Starts secondary school her brain goes into overload worrying about so many different things fights , Boys , Girls and me can she handle it and get through the year ?


1. First day !!

Oh,My,God its the first day of year 7 and i am so excited about it cant be a better day. Least Ive got my Gloss gang to fill in the few minutes before class starts are parents all agreed to send us to St Grays .I just hope that nothing goes wrong you know like my makeup might smudge , My bra falls down or my contact lense falls out oh!! I gotta stop thinking about stuff like that anyway its not like its going to happened hopefully (fingers crossed!!) Anyway let me tell you a bit about my Gloss gang Well its me Tia , Jade , Lizzy , Sash and Kim. Kim 12, Me 11, Lizzy 11, Jade 11 and Sash 12. We are all like sisters we have been friends since like nursery no joke.Anyway i guess its time to go into Welcome assembly for the new year7 meaning me write to you soon diary

Tia x

Oh thank god that assembly didn't take to long they just talked about the amazing "OPPORTUNITIES" I n secondary school LOL. Anyway i hope today isn't too long apprantley on the agenda we have got Math, geography, Break ,  English , Lunch , Science (2 hours) Home tIME!!!!!!!!!!                                      


C u later Tia


Omg the only reason i am writing a diary is because my mum suggested i write my feelings down or whatever shes wrong it is not a dairy it was has happened in these days . I only figured it may be a good idea because i figured when im a beautiful movie star this will come in handy you know ?


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