Meet Me When the Wind Changes

As far as anybody was concerned, the Volturi was the bad guy. They were simply there to throw a wrench in everyone's chance at a 'Happily Ever After'. But what horrors brought the Volturi coven around to begin with? This is the story of Jane, Alec, and Demetri and how they came to be.


1. Burns

I remember when I first saw him. I thought he was an angel. It had been during the witch hunts nearly half a millennia prior.

I remember the ropes cutting into my weakened flesh, my brother calling out my name in a sob. He couldn't do anything, though. He was tied up just like me - to a stake, driven haphazardly through the ground.

"Witches!" I heard the word called out, as the townspeople took their turns spitting at us and wailing on us with belts and wooden planks, throwing scraps of food, "Kill the witch."

"We are here today," the town judge called, taking his place on his makeshift podium, "to rid this town of the truest of evils."

Our mother stood in the back of the crowd, detained by two of the town guardsmen. She fought valiantly to free herself, but to no avail. She cried out our names, as she desperately tried to make her way to the front. To save us.

"They are only children!" She cried, breaking free of the guards and running toward us, only to be speared down by yet another guard.

I let out a shrill sob as my brother beside me cried out, "MOTHER!" tugging against his bindings, wanting to run to her aide.

"We call Eliano to testify."

The name struck a nerve. My brother, Alec, turned, his eyes in rage, toward our father, who was preparing to take the stand, "My children, have been cursed. I saw them out in the woods, a fortnight daughter, Jane, dripping with the blood of a deer. And my son, Alec, chanting some sort of Gaelic. It was a language I'd never heard before." Our father spared a glance in our direction, his eyes apologetic.

That's when I knew, he was being forced to testify. His exchange for ours, "They charmed the deer and performed blood rituals, Sire."

"Very well. And what do you suppose a fair punishment shall be for the crime?" The judge inquired of our father.

"Thirty days hard labor, I suppose." He offered in a meek voice.

"Oh, don't be absurd! The punishment for witchcraft is death!" He chortled, "I simply need to know what course of action to take."

"Death by drowning?" My father offered up once more, causing me to wince. He was bargaining with our deaths. Trying to give us the quickest way out.

"Too quick." The judge disagreed.

"Burned at the stake?" He asked solemnly, defeatedly.

"Now you're talking." Judge agreed, a look of pure pleasure on his face, "And why don't you do the honors?"

As if on cue, my father was presented with a torch. He was pushed forward by the very guard who had speared our mother. Our father's face was pained as he came to look both of us in the eyes. We stood on a pile of flints and straw. It would ignite the second he touched it.

"Please, Papa." I pleaded with tears in my eyes. He'd just signed our death sentences.

"I'm sorry, my children." He whispered, igniting the straw, first under Alec, then me. Then he was shepherded away to God-knows-where by two guardsmen.

"You can go to hell, Papa!" Alec screamed, just as the flames began to lap at our feet.

I looked at my brother, desperately trying to free himself from his bondage. He finally gave up, after only seconds, realizing there was no way out. The crowd jeered, and continued to feed the fires. I wanted nothing more than to take hold of my brother's hand and have him tell me everything was going to be okay. But we both knew it was possible.

His eyes locked with mine, as we finally began to feel the heat, "I love you." I mouthed. Only moments after, the flames ripped upward, toward the bright, autumn sky, engulfing us both.
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