Finding Old friends

A girl name Ashley finds her old friend Niall. Will she forgive him what he done in the past?


3. Why you?!

Ashley POV

I heard a knock at the door, so i got up from my room and went dowenstairs. I opened the door to see Niall. 

Me: What do u want.

Niall: I just what to say im sorry what i did in the past.

Me: You just cant say your sorry and exspexed i'm going to forgive you like that

Niall: can we just talk about what really happened.

Me: Ok but when were done talking u have to leave 

Niall: Ok

Niall POV

So i was walking home from school. This girl ran up to me and kissed me. I coun't  get out of her grip. So, that's wait happened. I'm sorry Ash can I have just one more chance.

Me: NO

Niall: Why

Me: I'm dating someone already

Niall: WHO!! 



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