Finding Old friends

A girl name Ashley finds her old friend Niall. Will she forgive him what he done in the past?


2. Telling A Story

Ashley POV

Faith: Why did you run into my house?

Emily: Thats Ashley come on you dipshit!

Me: Sorry

Faith: Tell us what you want to tell us

Emily: Yea

Me: Ok, when me and Niall were best friends since we were little. I was dating him and my friend told me he was cheating on me but I didn't litsen to them. So i was walking home from school and it looked like a boy like Niall kissing a girl. I hided behind a bush and...

Faith: Why did you hide behind a bush? 

Emily: STFU

Me: So what i was trying say I got close to them and it was Niall with some girl. I got up and ran crying home. I texted Niall that I was Dumping him. Thats why I moved to America.

Faith: WOW!

Emily: How sad.

Me: So i nevered talked to him again. Ok im going home now.

Faith: But, can we have a sleepover

Me: Faith we have all summer to have sleepovers

Faith: True ok Ashley see you later, bi

Emily: Bi

Me: Bi

I was walking home, I walked inside, there was a note. It said my parents are on vacation with Niall parents. OOOOOO GOD!! I toke a shower and put on my PJ. I was waering shorts and a black tank top. I was writhing in my dairy when all of the sudden there was a knock at the door.

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