Shot Me Out Of The Sky. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Charlie Avery. Who knew that going to a One Direction CD signing would change me and my life forever? I sure didn't. I was only hoping for an autograph from my favorite boy band, including my crush, you all know him, Harry Styles. I guess I might've gotten more...
Hi, I'm Harry Styles. Yes, curly haired-green eyed-teen heartthrob from the british (and irish) boy band and sensation One Direction. Off to another CD signing in London, excited. Although, never would I've expected what happened today to ever happen. Am I happy it did? Selfishly, yes....


2. You're My Kryptonite


Everything was silent. No one dared to move. Not even a small sound could be heard for what seemed like hours, but was actually two seconds. Five british sensations, fifty dedicated teenage fans, a dozen security guards, one shocked best friend, one girl with a gun, one girl, shot, on the floor. 

After those long two seconds, chaos broke everywhere. Security guards we're pushing fans outside, to safety. Paul Higgins, One Direction manager and Head of Security, was ushering the boys outside of the store. Police barged in and took care of the shooter, putting handcuffs on her and bringing her to the big police van outside. She was yelling something, but no one understood what. ER's were taking care of the injured girl, Charlie. Her friend, Harlow, was crying and got pushed by security, causing het to loose sight of Charlie. Who would've thought that a simple signing would turn into a life changing accident. 


Paul was rushing us away from the scene. We went through multiple doors before getting to a black van waiting for us. I was about to get in when I realized that I couldn't. Liam nudged me. "Come on mate, we've got to go." he said. That girl. I saw her get shot. I couldn't just leave without making sure she was okay. "Liam, I can't." he said. He looked at me confused but then nodded, probably getting it. "Alright mate. If you're staying we're all staying." he said. "You go on first, I'll catch up with the rest of the lads. Wish me luck fighting Paul." he added. I laughed "Sure mate. See you later." I said. I ran back through all the doors and hallways. I heard Paul shouting my name but I just kept going. I opened the last door leading to the part of the store where we were doing the signing. Security had managed to get all the fans who were inside, back outside. Luckily the shooter got arrested. My main priority right now was making sure that the girl was alright. I looked around and saw policemen and other people with jumpsuits standing around the place where the girl had gotten shot. But no sign of her. She must've been taken to the hospital already. But which one? And how was I supposed to find her? That's when Liam and the boys along with a stressed looking Paul caught up to us. "They took her to the hospital, Harry" said Paul. I couldn't leave yet. A girl had gotten SHOT at one of OUR events. I couldn't let this go. "Haz, look" Liam said pointing to a girl crying really hard near the entrance. I vaguely recognized her. She was standing next to the girl. "I think that's her friend" I told the lads. Without waiting for their response, I walked over. "Are you alright?" I asked. She looked at me surprised, realizing who I was but then went back to crying. She shook her head. "My best friend got shot! I got pushed back and couldn't go with her to the hospital! I'm so scared. I'm so so scared." she said, crying harder. Surprisingly, it was Liam who came and comforted her. "Don't worry love. We'll find her and everything's going to be okay. I'm so sorry, it's our fault." he said, looking sad. She looked up at him and smiled a sad smile. "It's not your guys's fault, Liam. It's just really really bad luck." she said, a few tears still staining her cheeks. Liam grabbed her hand and pulled her off the floor. "Let's go find her then" I said.


Beep. Beep. Beep. I heard very annoying beeping noises coming from somewhere near my head. I tried opening my eyes but was too tired and lazy to. I realized that I had no clue where I was. I tried turning over but felt a huge pain on the side of my stomach. Now I was a bit worried. I tried opening my eyes again and when I finally did I closed them right back again. Wherever I was was way too bright. Oh my goodness, was I dead? I started mentally panicking. Did I die? I managed to snap out of my ridiculous state by trying to open my eyes again. This time, they adjusted to the light and I could vaguely distinguish a ceiling, lights, walls, chairs, and machines with monitors. Machines with monitors!? What? I tried sitting up but ended up falling right back on the bed, letting out a little yelp. My side really hurt. "Charlie?" I heard a women's voice ask. I didn't recognize it. I opened my eyes and could see fine. The lady was actually a nurse standing by my bed. "Yes" I said weakly. "Hi love. How are you feeling?" she asked me. I cut her off. "Why am I in a hospital?" I asked. "You don't remember? Well I guess you're still a tad tired. You got shot yesterday morning at a CD signing. I believe that boy band One Direction's." she explained. I remembered. Harlow and I heading over to HMV, waiting forever, then suddenly a sharp pain in my side. I slowly nodded. "Is anyone here?" I asked. "Yes actually. Your friend Harlow is as well as some other friends. And we've also tried contacting your parents but they are apparently climbing a mountain or something like that so they can't be reached immediately." I nodded again. "Can I see Harlow?" I asked. "Yes, just a second dear. Let me run a few tests then we'll have all your friends come in." she said. She ended up giving me some shots and more medicine in a tube. All that time I was thinking of the shooting. I was so upset. I was finally going to meet One Direction and I had to ruin all my chances by getting shot. At the end of they day, I didn't get to meet them and I ended up in the hospital. Great to be me. And what other friends was the nurse talking about? All the friends I had here in London were off on holiday. I only had Harlow with me. When the nurse was done, she left the room and told me she'd be back shortly. I heard knocking on the door. "Come in" I said groggily. The door opened and I saw a little red head girl coming in. "Harlow!" I said, happy to see someone I actually knew. "Charlie! I can't believer your alive, I mean, I'm so so so happy! You scared the living hell out of me dude!" she said, with a huge grin on her face. I smiled just as widely back. She was really one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. "I can't believe it either. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. You're gonna have to explain more in detail later" I told her. "I will, but first, someone else is here to see you. Or should I say, others are here to see you," she said. Others? Who? That's when five very recognizable boys walked into my small one person hospital room. 


A/N: Hey guys! If you've already read the first chapter before this chapter was posted, please go reread the first chapter, at least the end. (Instead of Charlie jumping in front of the shooter and taking the bullet, she gets accidentally shot.) Hope you guys liked this chapter! Please tell me if you'd like longer or shorter chapters. Also please leave feedback and advice, that would help a lot. Please comment, fan, favorite, like :) Twitter: @vivalajade2 Instagram: Vivalajade2 Tumblr: Vivalajade2 :) XxJade. 

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