Shot Me Out Of The Sky. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Charlie Avery. Who knew that going to a One Direction CD signing would change me and my life forever? I sure didn't. I was only hoping for an autograph from my favorite boy band, including my crush, you all know him, Harry Styles. I guess I might've gotten more...
Hi, I'm Harry Styles. Yes, curly haired-green eyed-teen heartthrob from the british (and irish) boy band and sensation One Direction. Off to another CD signing in London, excited. Although, never would I've expected what happened today to ever happen. Am I happy it did? Selfishly, yes....


3. You Keep Making Me Weak


We managed to find out where Charlie, the girl, was. She was taken to the nearest hospital which was maybe a 20 minute drive away. Paul was driving and Harlow, the boys and I were sitting in the back. Harlow told us about Charlie. Charlie was 18 years old and lived on her own here in London. She was taking a gap year to do some internships in fashion and in music. Apparently she really wanted to be a singer and could really sing. Harlow and her had been friends since high school and were now best friends. She told us how Charlie was a fun, super nice person and was the best friend anyone could ever ask for. It made me want to know her even more. I hoped too god she was okay. All the boys and I felt guilty over what had happened. I mean, she got shot at our CD signing. If she died, I honestly don't know what we'd all do. We never wanted things to get this bad, this was too serious. We still had no clue what had exactly happened. We finally got to the hospital and, as we suspected, paparazzi were swarming the whole parking lot, not allowed to enter the hospital. Paul got out first before being joined by 5 more bodyguards. He knocked on the car window motioning for us to get out. We all looked at each other before getting out of the car. We we're all scared. Walking the short distance from our car to the hospital entrance was crazy. We were getting pulled in every possible directions, despite 6 bodyguards. Liam even got a scratch on his arm. "What happened?" "Did someone really get shot?" "Did the girl die?" "Who fired the gun?", the paps kept shouting. We tried not listening. "How do you react to the fact that she might die because of you?" One of them said. I didn't stop, I kept walking, I didn't show any emotion, I couldn't let them see me weak. But inside, I was hurting. It was true, what the paparazzi had said. It really was our fault. 


The directioner part of me was in total fangirl mode. One Direction was in my room. Standing in front of me. Looking at me. Thousands of mostly irrelevant thoughts passed through my mind, like -Omg they're so gorgeous- and -Where's my camera, I need to take a picture- but one thought, one actually relevant thought, got my attention. What were they doing in my hospital room? Not that I needed them to leave or anything. I realized my mouth was hanging open, me being under shock, so I quickly closed it. Okay, Charlie, compose yourself. And that's what I did. I looked at them again and smiled weakly. I still was very tired. That's when I noticed Harlow standing by Liam. "Harlow?" I asked. "Charlie! You're okay! I was so scared. Holy crap, I thought you we're gonna die." she said, rushing over to me. I turned my head so I can look at her. I chuckled lightly. "Well last time I checked, I was alive, so, yay." I said, smiling. Then I remembered that 5/5 of One Direction were still standing in my room. "Harlow" I hissed. "What is One Direction doing in my room?" I whispered. I heard someone chuckle. I turned my head to the boys. It was Louis. "We came to see if you were okay, love." he said, smiling. I smiled back. "Oh, well, thank you. I am. But you guys don't have to stay if you don't want to. I'm just a little banged up" I said. That's when Liam chuckled. "Charlie, you're more then a little banged up, you know. You have a pretty serious injury. We talked with the doctor." he said. Liam Payne knew my name. Fangirl moment. "I guess so." I mumbled. I still couldn't believe that One Direction was standing in the same room as me. This morning, I was just little old Charlie going to a CD signing to catch a close up look for no more than 1 minute of 5 of crushes/obsessions/futurehusbands/inspirations,...and the list goes on and on... Now they were standing in my hospital room, and I can confirm that it's been more than 1 minute. I'd say like 3. Thinking that I probably looked ridiculous lying down like a helpless little girl on the hospital I sat up. Well at least tried. When I was about to fall back down on the bed, I felt someone grab my arm and support me up. I looked over at the person helping me and was met with a pair of beautiful green eyes. It was Harry. I couldn't help but feel a mix of butterflies and happiness in my stomach. I probably immediately blushed. "Thank you" I said. "No problem." he said. I adjusted the bed by pressing a button on a special remote so that I was kind of sitting up, my back still being supported. "Well, first of all. We haven't really met. I'm Charlie." I said smiling. "This is Harlow, but you of course know who she is seeing, well actually, how do you know Harlow?" I asked. I still didn't know why the boys were here and the whole story in general. "And, what happened to me?" I added. I looked at everyone confusingly. "Well aren't you energetic for someone who's just been shot" Louis said, laughing. I smiled a sarcastic grin back at him. "I guess they didn't tell you." said Harlow. "No they didn't" I said. "We're not sure exactly what happened, because know one really saw anything, but apparently-" Liam was cut short by Harry "I know what happened." he said. "You do?" We all asked at the same time. He nodded with a sad look on his face. "I was looking out at the crows and all the different fans when I noticed this one strange looking girl. She looked really pale and pasty and was fidgeting a lot with something in her pocket, which turned out to be a gun. Before she pulled out the gun, I'd notice you and well-" Harry was cut off by Zayn "Well you looked really pretty and he was checking you out" Zayn said, laughing. Harry gave him a look and playfully punched him in the arm. He mumbled something that sounded like shut up. I was blushing the whole entire time. "Anyways, continue Harry" I said, wanting to know the rest of the story. "Yeah, sorry. Before I knew it, I saw the girl pull out a gun and was, well, aiming it towards me actually." he said. We all looked at him surprisingly. "Why would she be aiming at you?" Niall asked. "I don't know, but I want to find out. But whatever, I'm not finished. When she pulled out the gain and aimed it at me, security guards caught up in time what she was doing and stopped her by tackling her to the ground. While she was falling, she pulled the trigger, and the bullet, instead of firing at me, hit you in the lower back." he said. I just nodded. Woah, I practically took the bullet for Harry Styles. 

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