Shot Me Out Of The Sky. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Charlie Avery. Who knew that going to a One Direction CD signing would change me and my life forever? I sure didn't. I was only hoping for an autograph from my favorite boy band, including my crush, you all know him, Harry Styles. I guess I might've gotten more...
Hi, I'm Harry Styles. Yes, curly haired-green eyed-teen heartthrob from the british (and irish) boy band and sensation One Direction. Off to another CD signing in London, excited. Although, never would I've expected what happened today to ever happen. Am I happy it did? Selfishly, yes....


4. Yeah, Frozen And Can't Breathe



When we got to Charlie's room, I was so relieved. The doctor said that she was fine but was of course in pain because of the wounds. I think everyone was relieved when we found that out. Charlie was actually pretty energetic. She didn't seem depressed or anything, just happy and, well normal. She was really pretty, just like I remembered her to be. Her long curly/wavy brown hair was thrown in a messy bun on top of her head. She had a little bandage on the side of her head. When Harlow, the boys and I walked in she looked up at us with a surprised look on her face. She was so beautiful. Harlow had immediately rushed to her side and the boys and I just stood back a bit. We all talked a little after. Charlie seemed like a really great person, exactly how Harlow described her as. Sweet, caring, energetic, happy, a little shy at times,... For me, she was perfect. But that was Harry desperately wanting a girlfriend talking, I couldn't be sure of my feelings yet, I didn't know her. But that would definitely change. Who said I couldn't listen to desperate Harry? The real Harry wanted to get to know Charlie as well. So that's what I'd do. I was discretely staring at her when she tried to sit up. I immediately caught her before she could fall back and hurt herself. I couldn't imagine how painful being shot must be. I was holding her arm and when she looked up at me, our eyes met. I felt something the moment I looked into her beautiful brown eyes. I felt sparks, just by looking into her eyes. She blushed and I let her go. We explained to her how we met Harlow and what happened, as much as we knew. I knew more than the boys because I saw the whole thing happen. I told them about the strange girl, and how she pulled the gun, and how Charlie ended up getting shot. When Zayn said his little comment I playfully hit him and mumbled for him to shut up. I noticed Charlie blushing a little which made me smile. I then finished explaining what I knew. Charlie just nodded. "This is crazy. Why would someone try to shoot you?" Harlow asked. I shrugged. "We should ask Paul. He probably knows more than we do." Liam said. He ended up calling Paul. 10 minutes later he came in the room. He introduced himself to Charlie and apologized for the whole situation. Then, we started talking. "So you're saying that this girl has an obsessive crush on Niall and wanted to kill me, Louis, Liam and Zayn?" I asked, shocked. "Unfortunately yes" Paul confirmed. "But what would killing Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn do for her?" Harlow asked. "I know. She probably thought that if Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn weren't here anymore, so weren't part of One Direction anymore, Niall might become less famous, less busy, and  then more available." Charlie said. We all looked at her. "How did you guess that?" Zayn asked. "She watches a lot of Criminal Minds" Harlow answered. Charlie just shrugged. I smiled, I was liking this girl more and more. "Woah" Niall said. "I'm so sorry Charlie. I really am" he said. He looked a little pale and you could tell he felt responsible and a little traumatized. Charlie tried sitting up again but I just gave her a look, smiling, telling her that that was probably not the best idea. She shot me a playful look back, knowing that I was right. "Niall please don't be sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. I was just unlucky" she said. "What you should probably worry about is the fact that this nutcase of a girl is willing to kill. She's locked up right?" Charlie said and then asked Paul. He nodded. She sighed a is of relief. "Then everything's alright. I'm fine and am probably going to be released tonight, no one else is hurt, and, I have to say, the coolest part is that One Direction is in my room. Like, how many girls can say that?" She said, smiling and chuckling. We all laughed. I knew that she was still in pain because when no one was looking she would wince. I think she was just trying to reassure us, but I hated knowing that she was still hurting. 

  CHARLIE'S POV: I still thought it was crazy that One Direction was in my room. They were all really nice and caring. I felt relieved when Paul said that the girl who'd shot me was locked up. I felt bad for the boys though, I felt like they all thought it was their fault, especially Niall. I tried reassuring them and I hoped it worked. I did lie a bit when I said that I wasn't in pain, because the truth was that my wounds did hurt, a lot. But I really didn't want them to feel worse. The boys said that they didn't want to leave till I left the hospital so we were all still in my room. Liam was sitting next to Harlow on a couch, talking about god knows what. I noticed how cute they looked together. I smiled. Then you had Niall, Zayn and Louis on the floor playing a game of cards they'd found. They were laughing and joking around which reassured me that they weren't completely bored like I thought they would be. I don't think you can ever get bored when your with One Direction. Finally you had Harry who was sitting in a chair next to my bed. He was the closest to me out of everyone. "Harry?" "Yeah Charlie?" he asked, looking up from his phone. "Thanks for staying with me." I told him, smiling. He looked happy when I said it. "No problem at all. I'm actually happy we stayed here. And I think Liam's happy too." he said, looking over to Liam. I did the same and he and Harlow were now laughing and were sitting pretty close to each other. "I see, I see" I said, chuckling and wiggling my eyebrows. Harry laughed. "We're gonna have to do something about it" he said, wiggling his eyebrows as well. I started laughing and he joined me. "No but seriously Charlie, we're so glad you're okay. And we still feel bad about what happened." I was about to say how I was fine when he cut me off. "And don't try to tell me that you're fine and not in pain because I know you are." he said. I looked at him for a few seconds before saying "Ok, you got me. I won't lie, it hurts. But don't tell the boys, I really don't want them to feel bad." I told him. He nodded. "Hey lovebirds! Stop drooling all over each other and let's play a game!" Louis said excitedly. Harry and I immediately sprang apart, not realizing how close we actually were to each other. I looked over at him and he was slightly blushing, an almost unnoticeable smile on his face. Why was he smiling?    HARRY'S POV: "Hey lovebirds! Stop drooling all over each other and let's play a game!" Louis said excitedly. At that, Charlie and I immediately sprang apart. Typical Louis. I totally knew I was blushing, and smiling. Although I was trying to hide it. Louis calling us lovebirds, well, I kind of liked it. 


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