Shot Me Out Of The Sky. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Charlie Avery. Who knew that going to a One Direction CD signing would change me and my life forever? I sure didn't. I was only hoping for an autograph from my favorite boy band, including my crush, you all know him, Harry Styles. I guess I might've gotten more...
Hi, I'm Harry Styles. Yes, curly haired-green eyed-teen heartthrob from the british (and irish) boy band and sensation One Direction. Off to another CD signing in London, excited. Although, never would I've expected what happened today to ever happen. Am I happy it did? Selfishly, yes....


6. Cause I'm Dying Just To Make You See

When I told her I was taking her to dinner, I was a bit scared she'd say no or looking at me funny. Luckily she agreed and she seamed happy. I'm falling more and more in love with her and her personality every second. I wondered if she considered this dinner as a date. To be honest, I wouldn't mind, at all. Keeping in mind that I didn't want to rush anything seeing as one; we'd just met. Two; I had no clue if she had any feelings for me. Three: For the short time I've been with her, I really want to have her in my life, if it was as a friend or something more, I didn't want to ruin it. So I'd be careful and take things slow. Charlie was having last check ups before being able to go home. We'd called the boys and Harlow telling them it was pointless to come back to the hospital now seeing as we would be leaving anyway. We'd agreed on meeting up at Nando's quickly. One word, Niall. The nurse had showed me what to do if Charlie's wounds started bleeding and how to apply the bandages correctly. On our way out, I was pushing Charlie on a wheelchair towards the exit. "You know, I'm the only who can help you with your bandages, so I guess we're going to be seeing each other a bit" I said, with a smile on my face. She looked up at me and smiled, laughing. "I guess so, Harry". I felt happy having made her laugh and smile. I still felt a little guilty. "Harry!" Charlie said snapping me out of my thoughts. We bumped into a column thing. "Watch where you're going Styles!" she said, laughing her beautiful laugh again. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention" I said, afraid of having hurt her and slightly embarrassed at the same time. She turned around in her chair making her wince to look a me. "Relax Haz" she said, patting my hand. It made me smile and blush a little, she didn't see it though. We continued making our way to the exit when I noticed flashing lights reflecting through the hospitals glass doors. "Paparazzi" I muttered. Whalen we made it right in front of the doors, security came to help us through the massive crowd that had gathered outside of the hospital. Not only were the paps here but fans too. The security guard said it was best for Charlie to stay in her wheelchair, and for me to push her out, so like that they could try to form a small circle around us. "Harry..." Charlie said a bit hesitantly. "Don't worry, they can't hurt us" he said, which was not completely true. Liam had gotten scratched pretty badly once and Louis almost got kissed by some random male stranger. But I didn't have to tell her that right now. We walked into the huge crowd gently pushing our way threw. People were yelling out loads of questions about Charlie's condition, about why she was in a wheelchair, and if Charlie and I were dating. I saw her looking a little frightened so I found her hand and held it, squeezing it to reassure it. She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back. We finally made it to the car and got in. I checked my twitter and a few trends caught my eye. #WhereIsHarry #HarryStillAtHospital #Harlie #IsCharlieOk #1DisasterShooting. I chuckled, finding it funny. "What are you laughing about?" asked Charlie. I showed her the trends. She laughed too. "Well then I guess they know who the poor girl who got shot is" she said, shrugging. That's right, now they knew who Charile was. That wasn't particularly good. She must've sensed or seen that something wasn't right. "What's wrong?" she asked. 

Those paparazzi were crazy. I'm pretty sure my shirt was ripped at at least one place. I had to admit I was a bit frightened at first but when Harry grabbed my hand I felt better. Cheesy, I know. The paparazzi were screaming different questions, leaving me to wonder what people actually thought was going on. When we were driving on our way to Nando's, Harry had chuckled over something on his phone. He showed me his Twitter and I read the trends. Woah! I couldn't believe I had a trend/tag about me. It was so weird. Suddenly, Harry didn't look so good. "What's wrong?" I asked him. He lifted his head up from his phone and looked at me. "I'm scared of you getting hate" he said, serious. "Hate? What hate?Why would I get hate and from who?" I asked him, confused. "Well from some 'fans'. Sometimes, when they see me with any women, they get jealous I guess, or I don't know really, it's  quite ridiculous" he started but I interrupted him. "Wait, wait. You're saying that some 'fans' are going to send me hate because you're with me now?" I asked him, surprised. He nodded. I decided to pull out my phone and check my twitter. Around 1000 notifications and I now had 8520 followers to be exact. Yesterday, I'd only had 141! "How did they know my name?" I asked him, a little shocked out how big this was. "The boys tweeted" he simply said. I lifted an eyebrow at him and checked my twitter again. Indeed, 4 tweets started this whole cacophony;

@ZaynMalik1D: Prayers go out to @CharlieAvery. We're terribly sorry for what happened. Get better real soon. Xx 
@Real_Liam_Payne: Lots of love to @CharlieAvery. We're so sorry you have to go through what you're going through. Get better real quick Charlie! 
@Louis_Tomlinson: Everyone please hope for the best for @CharlieAvery. She deserves all the love for what happened. Stay strong love. X
@NiallOfficial: @CharlieAvery I can't believe what happened today and I can't express how sorry I am. I feel partially responsible. I'm so sorry, get well extremely soon Char! Xxx 

Wow, they were so sweet. And I still couldn't believe how many people have followed me. It only takes a few tweets from a few boys and if you wanted, your career could be right at your feet. Insane, the power of 1DWorld, I thought. But then I noticed a few negative tweets. "@CharlieAvery probably set the whole thing up to get to the 1D boys" one of the tweets read. It hurt a little bit, but I knew I was strong and wouldn't let words hurt me in anyway or simply ruin my day. I looked up at Harry seriously. He looked a little nervous. "I'm sorry Charlie" he said softly, pain in his eyes. "Curly, don't be. I'm strong, these tweets won't hurt me, I'll never let them. All that matters is what I believe and what the people I care about and that are close to me believe" I stated honestly. He stared right into my eyes and smiled. 

When we pulled up to Nando's, I noticed 4 boys with hoods on and sunglasses sitting next to a girl I knew, Harlow, must be them. Before we got out've the car, Harry put the same type of disguise on. Those disguises apparently didn't fool anybody seeing as more fans were gathering outside of Nando's by the second. Getting out of the car, Harry took my hand and led me again through the crowd and paparazzi. We finally made it inside and sat down at the table where everybody else was sat. "Hey Char, feeling better?" Louis asked. I smiled and nodded. "Much now that I'm out of that stupid hospital" I admitted. We all chuckled. The waitress came and asked us our order. "Peri peri chicken sandwich and chips!" we all said at the same time. We all were laughing again. Once the food came and everyone was halfway through their meal, except Niall who was almost done, we started talking about what would happen next. "So, Charlie, people know who you are now which means you'll probably get hate on twitter" Liam said. I looked over at Harry and smiled a small smile. "I know, but I can handle it" I said, smiling as well. All the boys and Harlow smiled at me. "And, people also suspect that you and Harry are in a relationship so you might get popped and followed by fans" Zayn said. I nodded. "Just, no matter what, ignore the paparazzi, they can only start trouble" Niall added. I spent a couple minutes listening to all their different advices. "And Paul suggested we set up an interview with you and Harlow, if you'd like, tomorrow to clear the air and straighten some things out, explain the whole story and let everyone know you're okay" Liam said. We all agreed that it was a oodnidea and Harlow agreed on joining us. We all piled into one big van that came to pick us up when the driver asked "Where to." We all looked at each other. We orbit to discuss that. "You can just drop us off at our house" I whispered to Harry. "Are you sure you're okay?" Iphenasked. I nodded. "Thanks for everything Harry and you boys too, thank you" I said when we were slowly making the turn to go down the street leading to mine and Harlows apartment. To our surprises, not only were there about 50 screaming girls outside it, but about two dozen paparazzi flashing away, taking pictures of the madness and of our home. Me and Harlow gasped at the same time. What were we going to do now. 

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