Shot Me Out Of The Sky. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Charlie Avery. Who knew that going to a One Direction CD signing would change me and my life forever? I sure didn't. I was only hoping for an autograph from my favorite boy band, including my crush, you all know him, Harry Styles. I guess I might've gotten more...
Hi, I'm Harry Styles. Yes, curly haired-green eyed-teen heartthrob from the british (and irish) boy band and sensation One Direction. Off to another CD signing in London, excited. Although, never would I've expected what happened today to ever happen. Am I happy it did? Selfishly, yes....


1. Shot Me Out Of The Sky


Dring, Dring, Dring. My phone was ringing. I picked it up. "Hello?" I said. "Charlie! OMG!" screamed a voice. It was Harlow, my best friend. "Why are you calling this early?" I groaned, still half asleep. "Guess what!!" she screamed again. How can a person be so excited this early in the morning. I checked the time on my phone. 8am, too early. "What?" I said, getting curious. "You will never believe who will be at HMV in 3 hours!" she said. "Who? One Direction?" I teased sarcastically. Silence. "Hello?" I asked again. "YES! One Direction!" she screamed in the phone. I was really going to be deaf after this phone call. "Are you serious?" I asked her. Was she? One Direction, really? Oh my god. That would be amazing. I loved them, ever since they first got put together on The X Factor back in 2012. I loved watching them every week, they were just hilarious and so talented. I can't lie, they we're ridiculously gorgeous and I had a little crush on a particular lad, Harry to be exact. I still haven't been able to go to any of their concerts which sucks but I'm sure one day. "Dead serious!" Harlow squealed, snapping me out of my thoughts. "They just tweeted about it like 2 minutes ago so if we get there like now we'll be one of the firsts!" she said. "Pick me up in 10?" I asked. "You got it!" she answered back and hung up. 


"Harry?" Liam said across my flat. I was still in my bed. "What?" I mumbled. "Paul organized a surprise CD signing in HMV in 3 hours, just a heads up" he said. I sighed and closed my eyes. I didn't want to get up. Although I did enjoy CD signings, I think seeing all the fans so happy was why. I eventually got up and took a shower. HMV wasn't far away and we only had to be there like 30 minutes before the signing started so I had about an hour left. What to do...I thought. I decided to go annoy Louis. I walked out of my room and headed over to his. I knocked no answer, but I heard him talking on the phone to someone, probably Eleanor. I opened the door and walked in and sat on his lap. "Get off" he said while pushing me. I ended up on the ground and started screaming, just to annoy him. Louis groaned. "We need to get him a girlfriend. Like now." he said to El. I'd like a girlfriend too, but apparently the universe did not agree with my wish just yet. I decided to let them be and go eat a quick breakfast before leaving. Bacon. That's what I want. 

After finishing breakfast it was time to go. We all piled into a black van, Paul in the front seat next to the driver, Zayn, Niall and I in the very back and Louis and Liam in the front. It took us 20 minutes to get there, a bit longer than expected because of London traffic. The lads and I were immediately sat at a long table at the back of the store. There were piles of pictures and albums of us ready to be signed for the fans. "Alright. Doors will open in less than 10 minutes" said Paul. We didn't get to see any of the fans outside but were told that there were already loads. They were so dedicated, some even a bit crazy. we all got handed a marker and two bottles of water. Signings usually lasted about 2 to 3 hours so we'd definitely be here for quite some time. The lads and I had this little lame game we'd always play before a gig or signing or whatever called Who Will Fall In Love, where each lad had to predict who was going to crush on a girl tonight. "Ok guys. One, two, three, go!" said Liam. He started "Harry". I rolled my eyes. "Harry" Zayn said. I shook my head. "Hazzah" Louis said. I shot him a playful glare. "Niall" I said. He looked really occupied by his phone. "Niall It's your turn" Zayn nudged him. He quickly looked up and muttered "Nando's". "What?" we all asked. "Didn't you guys just ask where we should eat?" he asked. "Uh, no dumb ass" Louis said sassily. We all laughed. Wonder what was distracting Niall and what was he doing on his phone...At that moment, Paul walked in and stood behind us. "Doors are now open. Be prepared lads" he said seriously, but chuckling a bit. We could already hear the screaming and the excited shrieks. The first fifty girls were let in by security guards and had to stand in line before getting too us. Why did the lads all think I was going to find someone today? I know I won't, I never do. An hour had gone by and I was starting to get tired. I looked over at the other lads and they looked wiped out too. I asked Paul if there were a lot of people still outside. "Yeah, about 100 to 150 for right now" I nodded, knowing that complaining wouldn't be fair. We then were aloud a ten minute break but had to stay in our seats. Girls were still in line in front of us. I was scanning the crowd, looking at all the girls, trying to find one that'd catch my eye. I found one alright, but she didn't catch my eye in a good way. She had dull brown thin choppy hair that looked unwashed surrounding her pasty white face. Her lips were bare but strangely a purplish bruised color. It wasn't the fact that she was unattractive that bothered me, but the fact that she was standing in the middle of screaming girls not screaming at all, on the contrary standing still and not uttering a sound. Both of her hands were in her pockets and you can tell she was slightly fidgeting. The strange part was how it looked like she had some item in her right pocket. She kept on staring at me, her eyes never leaving mine causing me to get an icy cold feeling run down my back. This girl freaked me out. I tried to ignore her by looking at the other girls. That's when another girl caught my eye, standing not too far from the strange one. This time, she was gorgeous. The prettiest girl I'd ever seen. She was talking to a girl next to her. She had long wavy light brown hair parted in the middle, big brown eyes surrounded by dark lashes. Her lips were a normal sized plump and had a coral color to them. Absolutely beautiful, he thought. At that moment his gaze was pulled away from the beautiful girl by a sudden movement from the weird girl. I didn't have time process what was happening, it all happened so fast. 


We got there later than expected. I guess you could say Harlow and I were both slow pokes. When we got outside HMV, there was already a massive line of screaming girls. We both looked at each other and groaned. I really wasn't in the mood to wait for hours, but. sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. About an hour later we were actually in the store. You couldn't really see the boys that well because we were too far back. Harlow and I pretty much talked the whole time about what we were gonna do this christmas and random other stuff. Then we started talking about the boys. "I can't believe were like so close to them!" she said. "I know, me neither!" I said, excitedly. I'd never met a celebrity before so I was really excited about that. It took us about 15 more minutes until we were actually able to see the boys. "Holy crap!" Harlow said. I just nodded. I was too caught up staring at the gorgeous boys in front of me, particularly Harry. He was even hotter in person. His curly hair perfectly styled, his gorgeous green eyes and his dimples whenever he smiled, just left me speechless. I'd dreamt about meeting him so many times and couldn't believe it was actually happening right now! There were still a lot of girls in front of us so I knew it would take probably another 30-45 minutes before we got really close. I checked my twitter and tweeted a picture of me and Harlow at the signing. When I looked back up at the boys I think they were taking a break. I sighed. We should've so came earlier. "My feet hurt" I whined to Harlow. "Suck it up! I'm this close to my husband women." Harlow said. I bursted out laughing. She always knew how to make me feel better. I was still smiling like an idiot, looking at all the fans around us. There were about 50 fans in the room. The others were still outside waiting for their turns. Girls all ages were here. From 10 to like 25, a few moms were also standing in line looking like they were about to kill themselves from all the noise and the screaming. My gaze landed on this strange looking girl standing about 2 meters from me. She looked all pasty and crazy and was fidgeting around with something in her pocket. That's when she slowly pulled out a metal object, a gun. I saw her fingers slowly clench around the trigger. Security realized what was happening and managed to know her down. Unfortunately, she managed to pull the trigger and a loud bang erupted in the now quiet store. That's when I felt the sharpest pain ever on my side. The rest was all black. 

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