A Dragon's Love

A Dragon named Delco has the ability to transform himself into a Human whenever he wants. He stays as a human most of his time. He hates being a dragon because all of his kind are extinct.
He falls in love with a young lady named Samantha who also falls for him. She does not realize he's a dragon but will soon enough find out his secret. There's so much this Dragon does not know that men do. She finds out, but what happens to there relationship then....For who could truly love a man, who is really a dragon?

Read on to find out...


4. There's A Girl In The Wood

Delco had fallen asleep straight after his nap. He only woke up because he could hear a voice outside, to close to his lair for comfort. "Hello? Is anybody there? i'm a little lost and it's getting dark!" The soft female voice drifted into the entrance. Delco's heart skipped a beat as he crept lightly on his feet to the entrance of his lair. He saw the young girl he had seen while out flying a few hours ago. She was even more beautiful up close. She was only a few feet away as Delco lay silently on his belly in the entrance of his lair. She had not noticed him as her back was to him. Her soft blonde hair flowed freely down her back. She wore a red dress and was looking side to side nervously. Delco could smell her fear from where he lay. He knew she would spot him any second, and he knew her fear levels would reach unthinkable heights. He felt sad inside as he thought of this. He wished that people were not afraid of him. All he wanted was a friend. Plus if she saw him, he would have to kill her, as she would most certainly run away and tell the village folk of his where abouts. He had been in hiding for many years, his heart was not going to be the death of him. He had to hide now or kill her, in order to keep himself alive.

He looked at her a little to long, and before he could skulk into his lair out of sight, she turned round and her blue eyes lit up with fright. Her mouth opened as she screamed and began to run away. Delco didn't want to but he knew now he had to. He had to kill her before she ended up killing him. He took flight, and flew after her. He was gaining on her quickly, she had no chance. He flew down upon her, his talons stretched out ready for the catch. He caught her as she screamed in horror. He could feel she was apsolutly terrified. She yelled out "HELP! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" Delco did not reply, he didn't want her to know he could talk, considering it would hurt him even more when he killed her. He flew back to his lair. He landed with a thud, holding her in his claws as he crawled backwards into his lair. He went right to the back of his lair, holding his big foot over her mouth so she couldn't scream out for help. Lack of oxygen caused her to pass out as she was in shock. He laid her down on the floor of the lair. He looked down at her as his eyes widened, he felt something inside he had never felt before. For the first time in his life, he felt like he had fallen in love. His heart danced around his chest with joy. He knew he had to kill her. With a claw to her neck he paused. He pulled back and said aloud "I can't do this!" He then said quietly "why can't I do this?" He sat there thinking. He knew she was a big threat to him, and he couldn't keep her cooped up forever. People were bound to come out looking for her. A beautiful girl like that was sure to be missed. Delco sighed as he watched her closely in deep thought. He led so his large body blocked the only way out and desided to sleep on it. He thought he would know what to do in the morning. With that his huge eye lids drooped over his sleepy eyes and he fell into a deep sleep of thought. The beautiful girl in the red dress running through his mind. It was all rather romantic and most certainly only ever to remain in his dreams.

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