A Dragon's Love

A Dragon named Delco has the ability to transform himself into a Human whenever he wants. He stays as a human most of his time. He hates being a dragon because all of his kind are extinct.
He falls in love with a young lady named Samantha who also falls for him. She does not realize he's a dragon but will soon enough find out his secret. There's so much this Dragon does not know that men do. She finds out, but what happens to there relationship then....For who could truly love a man, who is really a dragon?

Read on to find out...


3. The Hunt


Delco flew gracefully through the cold night air. Delco saw a little head on the ground bobbing up and down he slowed down a little to see if it was edible, no it was a human but what he couldn't help noticing was that she was terribly beautiful 'Wow' he thought to himself  'She would be scared of me...I'm a dragon!'. 

Delco then swooped down when he spotted a herd of deer just moping about "Here we are,"  Delco said aloud to himself he had quite a bad habit of that, talking to himself...but enough about that. He swooped down and the herd ran in all directions, he took flight again and followed one of the does who had a little fawn trying to keep up with the her...he couldn't leave it without a mother Delco decided to go after one with no other deer around. It was easy enough he let himself glide down to the ground and scooped her up in his sharp claws. He flew back to the dark forest and his underground lair with great speed.

Once back to what Delco had to call 'home' he dropped the frightened deer at his feet lifted his large front left foot off the ground and laid it across the doe's stomach to stop her breathing soon she was dead. Delco ripped open her flesh and ate. He left the body outside his lair and skulked in like a moody teenager.

Just to let you guys know °°°Chloe<3°°° wrote this chapter. She has done really well I think. Don't you think so too? :D xx


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