A Dragon's Love

A Dragon named Delco has the ability to transform himself into a Human whenever he wants. He stays as a human most of his time. He hates being a dragon because all of his kind are extinct.
He falls in love with a young lady named Samantha who also falls for him. She does not realize he's a dragon but will soon enough find out his secret. There's so much this Dragon does not know that men do. She finds out, but what happens to there relationship then....For who could truly love a man, who is really a dragon?

Read on to find out...


5. Missing

"Haven't seen that girl that's always in the red dress in a while"

"Yeah, wonder where she is"

"Maybe a dragon's taken her?"

"Ha! A dragon"

Everyone laughed as Tom made this suggestion but secretly they were probably thinking the same thing.

"Well have you any better ideas?," Tom asked as he stormed out of the pub, of course no one was going to believe him it had sounded much better in his head and he was sorry he had said it. He got home and went straight to bed but decided he was going to the king about it so if a dragon had taken her then they could kill it and hopefully bring the girl back alive. 


"Dragons don't exist, poor Tom read too many fairy stories when he was little see, that's how they turn out!" 

"Barry, don't be so hard on him and have you any better ideas?", Sylvia said

"Well no but-" He started

"No buts if you haven't any other ideas that's the end of it"


Morning came quickly in the village and there was still natter about the girl in the red dress (they called her that because no one knew her name) Tom was sticking with his view of things that a dragon had got this girl and later that day was going to see the king. 



"Where's he going?"

"He's heading for the palace"

"Told you he read too many fairy stories..."


These whispers came from the crowd watching Tom make his way up the hill to the King's palace. Tom knew everyone was staring at him and tried his best to ignore them but he had to say something

"What are you staring at then? I believe I'm right and that a dragon has snatched this girl, why she's probably lost in the woods with the monster chasing her for his dinner!"

Everybody laughed.

"Laugh at me all you want but I'm going to the king" 


"You want to see the king?"

"Yes, sir"

"One minute"

Tom was waiting outside the palace while one of the guards had gone inside to notify the king that he was here.

"Go on in"

"Thank you"


"Ok Thomas what do you want?" said the king a little miffed as he had better things to do

"Well sir, you know the girl who's always in the red dress?"

"Yes, I do"

"I think a dragon may have taken her"

"A dragon?"

"Yes sir.."

The king was rather taken aback at this and it must have showed.

"Sir I'm sorry if I've wasted your time but I thought-"

"No, no I believe you it's happened once before quite a long time ago I will send a knight to rescue the girl and slay this dragon immediately"


When the king announced he was sending a knight to save the girl people thought he must have been joking but he was far from joking the king was deadly serious and had already found the knight for the job, Seth. He was brave handsome and most men in the village envied him terribly the girl in the red dress was beautiful and everyone was certain that if Seth found her they would be married as soon as possible.


Soon the day came for Seth to set out in search of the girl in the dress he walked with his horse to the edge of the village with the whole village following, he mounted his horse, raised his sword and said "Tonight dragon the human shall no longer be your victim, for you are my prey."


(Well done to Chloe for writing this chapter)


Chloe x





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