A Dragon's Love

A Dragon named Delco has the ability to transform himself into a Human whenever he wants. He stays as a human most of his time. He hates being a dragon because all of his kind are extinct.
He falls in love with a young lady named Samantha who also falls for him. She does not realize he's a dragon but will soon enough find out his secret. There's so much this Dragon does not know that men do. She finds out, but what happens to there relationship then....For who could truly love a man, who is really a dragon?

Read on to find out...


2. It All Started In A Dark Wood

Deep in the dark twisted forest, where no light can get in through the dead trees, lye's a big old willow tree. The only plant that seems to thrive in these dark woods. Beneath this willow tree there is a huge hole going into the ground. This is a dragons lair. This lair belongs to a dragon named Delco. He is the only dragon left in the entire world.

A rustle and scraping of long sharp claws on big heavy feet could be heard getting louder as Delco made his way up the passage way to his entrance. Delco stood in his entrance looking side to side. This very sinister looking dragon was jet black all over his body. He had a scar across his right eye. His eyes were a very dark brown. The only part of him that stood out of the rest. Anybody who cam across him, would always draw there gaze to his eyes. But soon enough they notice how sharp his glistening white teeth were and run away screaming "help, the Dark Shadow is going to kill me!" Delco had long since gotten used to this. He didn't want to, he was a very sociable guy, but he had to. People would describe him as having a mouth full of daggers.  Delco stretched his powerful legs and walk out from his entrance. He opened up his leathery wings and shook them vigorously. He gave a yawn opening his jaws very wide to in hail lots of air. He looked around him and sorrowfully sighed. "How could all this happen?" he said to himself. He asked him self this all the time. "Why did I deserve any of this?" He continued to talk aloud to himself. It helped him to forget that he had no one to talk to. People think anyone who talks to themselves are crazy, when really there just lonely and need to be able to socialize. With Delco this was not an option. Nobody would go near him, even though he had a heart of gold. All he needs is someone who will see past his scary appearance. Someone who will look deeply into his brown eyes and see the pain he has suffered. Someone willing to be his companion. But he knows in his heart that this will never happen. His hope dyed a long time ago, along with all his kind. Not that any dragon would go near him. Every person, dragon, and living creature were all terrified of him.

A butterfly floated swiftly on the slight breeze that managed to battle past the jagged tree branches. This red butterfly seemed the only thing with colour in this black and white background. Nothing seemed colourful to him any more. The colour had been sucked out of this landscape, just as his happiness had been taken from him. His belly rumbled and he suddenly realized why he had left his lair. He was so busy concentrating on the butterfly that he forgot he was going for his night flight in search for food. He walked slowly through the trees until he came to the edge of the forest. In the total darkness he stretched out his wings and scratched the floor with his front left foot. His sharp claws leaving three deep slashes in the dirt. He kicked off with his powerful hind legs as he slowly lifted his heavy weight off the ground. He wobbled slightly as he got higher and higher into the starry sky. When he reached as high as he wanted to go, he levelled out and flapped slowly as he drifted through the breezy sky. He battled to stay balanced through the strong winds. He flew with his head looking down to the ground. He was looking for something to eat.

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