A Dragon's Love

A Dragon named Delco has the ability to transform himself into a Human whenever he wants. He stays as a human most of his time. He hates being a dragon because all of his kind are extinct.
He falls in love with a young lady named Samantha who also falls for him. She does not realize he's a dragon but will soon enough find out his secret. There's so much this Dragon does not know that men do. She finds out, but what happens to there relationship then....For who could truly love a man, who is really a dragon?

Read on to find out...


1. Back In The Day

Back in the day, Dragons of all shapes and sizes used to rule the Earth. Some would bring terror upon man kind, while others would lye in the shadows out of the way. Some where friendly, others would kill anything that moves. There were small dragons, big dragons, fat dragons, snake-like dragons, slow dragons, dragons as fast as a speeding bullet, energetic dragons, and lazy dragons that seemed to always be sleeping. Or maybe they were guarding something and could not leave there perch so sleeping was the only thing they could do. Well the dragon I'm on about is one like no other. All his life he hated being a dragon. This red dragon just wanted to be a man. Many years ago this dragon by the name of Delco went to find a sorcerer possessing very dark magic, and with great power. He killed the sorcerer and a voice from the heavens gave him one wish. He wished he could be a man, but the spell only meant he could be a man, but had to turn into a dragon to have a normal life. He wanted badly to be human forever. For years he tried different powerful people but nobody had the answer to a happy life. Delco used to be red but dark magic put a curse upon his skin causing it to go an eerie black. Now no dragon went near him. He was the 'Dark Shadow'. Legend started that he decapitated 10 men in one swing of his sharp tail. This rumour kept him alive because no Dragon Warrior would go near him. All the other dragons were wiped out. Dragons were now extinct as far as people knew. Even today the legend of the 'Dark Shadow' is known and said to anyone who will listen.

This pretty much gets you up to the next chapter so read on for the story to really begin... ;)

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