Harry's princess

Sometimes you put everything you have into one thing, one thing that you believe will make you happy. And when you finally get that one perfect thing, that you’ve always wanted you realise something is missing, something you can’t quite put your finger on.
When that missing something comes along it takes you by surprise, and it can sweep you off your feet into an unknown world of happiness and contentment.


1. Years...

-Harrys p.o.v-

"Zayn do I look okay?" I asked inquisitivly, "What you trying to impress that girl, whats her name, ermmm... Emily thats it! Are you?" Louis asked jokily, I blushed slightly "Awhhh!" Louis & Zayn & liam cooed while Niall was munching on some maryland chocolate chip cookies. "Niall? Do I look okay?" I asked as I was brushing my hair carefully. "Yahh you look fresh matey." he said in his cute irish accent. "Right c'mon boys time to goooo!" Louis said skipping to the car.

-Emily p.o.v-

I laid across Gemma's bed hesitaiting, looking at the candy-floss pink ceiling, twirling a piece of my sky blue dress. My dress has ruffles of peach crape, strapless & diamonds on the hem. "Sooooo... Gem is Harry as cheeky as I can remember?" I asked inquisitively. "Yeah, just a touch more cheekier! No. He's my brother! Of course he is. He dated that Caroline woman on the extra-factor." She replied with a puzzled look. I scrunched up my nose and thought Thats sick. "Do I look okay?" I asked, "Course babe!" replied Gemma.

I quickly applied some cherry sundae lipgloss, pouted my lips and headed down stairs as there was a knock on the door. I went to the kitchen a sat on the granet counter and indulged myself with a glass of Cherry coke soda just looking at the floor not delibratly just thinking of what Harry's personality was going to be like.

"Hiya guys!" Louis springed out spontaneously, "How are you guys doing?" asked Anne (Harry's mum.) "Fine thanks!" cooed Liam. "Hows my cutie pie? ehay?" asked Anne, "Stop it mum!" muffled Harry, "I am only being affectionate. I havn't seen you for a month! Your my son!" said Anne suprisingly. All the boys piled in the living room on the couch.



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