Love Hates Itself

A girl name Ashley and her best friends One Direction. Harry Styles is her #1 best friend since they were young. But, will she fall in love with Harry or for someone eles? Or will Harry win her heart, then break it? Will he fall for someone else? Will love end up hating itself?


4. "Ok lets just relax"

Ashley POV

I walked downstairs as the boys followed to couch. "Ok lets just relax and talk" i said. "Harry why do u like me".

H: Because you are funny, sweet, and cute.

Me; Ok, Niall what about you.

N: Because cute, stuning, and beautiful.

Me: Harry, i like you too but as a friend.

Harry POV

I told Ashley that she is funny, sweet, and cute. After i heard her say that she liked me as a friend i just died.


Ashley POV

When i saw Harrys face when i said that he looked said and i said i will be right back. I got my Iphone and called my best friend Faith.

F: Hey Ash

Me: hey do you want to come over to the boys house and spend a month there if u what.

F: Sure i will be there in a hour.

Me: OK bi

F: bi

"Boys come in to the kitchen for a min". They walked in. " My best friend Faith is coming over and staying for a mouth". They nodded there head and walked out of the room.

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