Love Hates Itself

A girl name Ashley and her best friends One Direction. Harry Styles is her #1 best friend since they were young. But, will she fall in love with Harry or for someone eles? Or will Harry win her heart, then break it? Will he fall for someone else? Will love end up hating itself?


3. Fights breack out

Ashley POV

Harry came in and knocked on the door and came in. I leaned a way from Niall. I just sat there. I got out my phone and texted Lou to come upstairs. Then after i texted him Niall and Harry were fighting. Isaw them with so many cuts. I saw Lou come running in the room. He was tring to pulling them apart. I ran in front of them and said "Stop the fighting and dance". They stoped fighting and they all looked at me. I ran down stairs. soooo embarsed.

Harry POV

I walked into the door to see Niall and Ashley kissing. Niall knew i liked her. I just got so jelise. I con't contorl myself . I saw them kissing.

Niall POV

When someone knocked on the door i saw it was Harry. Ashley and i learned back and Harry come up to me and stared to hit me so i hit back.



Sorry for short chapter busy this week. Have to practcie dance for Hip-Hop. Also watch my CRUSH wersting match and sorry for not spelling words right.


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