Love Hates Itself

A girl name Ashley and her best friends One Direction. Harry Styles is her #1 best friend since they were young. But, will she fall in love with Harry or for someone eles? Or will Harry win her heart, then break it? Will he fall for someone else? Will love end up hating itself?


1. Getting to know us

Ashley's POV

          I was in the front of my house and my best friend Harry came running over. I was reading a fan fiction; it was called Everything About Us. I quickly I turned off my phone.

Harry: Ashley

Me: Hey, what’s up

Harry: Nothing, I was wondering if you want to come over at 5:00 and hang out with me and the boys!

Me: Sure

Harry: will, see you later bye

Me: Bye

          I ran up stairs to see what time it was, 3:00. I took a shower and I got dress. I wore a pair of jeggins and a blue striped shirt. It was 5:00 so, I told my mom and she said it was ok. I put on my sneakers and walked to Harries house it was two houses away. I got to his houses and knocked on the door of course Louise answer it.

Louise: Hey, its Ashley!

Me: Hey Lou

          I came in and sat on the couch next to Harry on my left and Niall on right. Harry put on a scary movie. It was S.A.W.      

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