Heartbeats as one. Only to give away. Always wanting your touch. Feeling your heartbeat.


1. Hearts

A sinle beat our hearts make

So complete a sound so low

hear the thump of the beat

Waiting to be heard


My heart alone

Hear the singing of the birds

Know not the beauty

One heart alone


Knows not the tenderness of love

It feels emptiness

Nothing it feels

Sometimes it is mute


A heart alone

It waits

To trust

Another beat to hear


For all the years

It has longed for

Another heartbeat

Like a drum it beats


Another thump

That is the answer

Strong and true

Two hearts beating


Waiting it through

The sound is louder

Within one another

Two hearts beating


They found the lover

Their searching is over

They grow and grow

Two hearts are beating


Never letting go

Together forever

As the sun goes down

Both are bound


A love strong, a love true

Gently glides into night

The thoughts are just right

Two hearts beating as one


Do you hear the sound

Strong like a drum

Beating as one

Thump, thump, thump

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