Evangeline Jones, or Eva, was on a beach during summer vacation in California when her life was changed forever. Max Simons has always lived in sunny Los Angeles, California, in fact he’s never been out of the state. Max has a history of bad break-ups, but will a certain temporary new-comer change all of that? And will a horrible accident keep them apart? Is Blake there only hope of finding each other? It all started with a Sea Star.


7. Years Gone By

3rd person P.O.V.
When Eva arrived back Josh was waiting for her, ready to say sorry. Of course she forgave him, she was heartbroken and desired attention at that moment. He cheated on her three more times that year before she gave up on him. Soon she became distant to everyone, for two years she was depressed and longed to see Max again. It was almost four years since she met Max. She was 18, just graduated High School, and was planning on going to California to seek him out.
Blake never stopped looking for Max's long lost love. He made posters, flyers, and tweeted it too many times to count. Soon all of his other friends deserted him and he had no time to find himself love. After four years, he wants to give up hope.
Max is still in a coma.
She kept the sea star all these years
P.S. this is not the end of the book there will be more and sorry this chapter is so short it's just giving a little summery of what happened over 4 years instead of me just saying 4 years later.

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