Evangeline Jones, or Eva, was on a beach during summer vacation in California when her life was changed forever. Max Simons has always lived in sunny Los Angeles, California, in fact he’s never been out of the state. Max has a history of bad break-ups, but will a certain temporary new-comer change all of that? And will a horrible accident keep them apart? Is Blake there only hope of finding each other? It all started with a Sea Star.


2. Where Are You, Who Are You?

Eva's P.O.V.
"Come on Maya, pick up"
Maya's my best friend, I can tell her anything. "pick up the phone already!", I had to call her when I woke up and found the sea star sitting on my pillow and realized it wasen't a dream.
"Hi, Eva", finally she picked up. "You will not believe what happened last night" I squealed.
I then went on to telling her the major details like the rain, the kiss, and the sea star.
"O..M..G, that is soooooooooo romantic!", she giggled.
"Sorry Maya got to go, my parents want to do tourist stuff", I complained.
"Okay, so text me later? I need your opinion on a date outfit".
"So David finally got around to the date night he promised, huh?", finally, he's been way to busy with his football practices and games, It's their first date in months.
"Yep, Bye".

Max's P.O.V.
I can't stop thinking about her and her orangey-brown eyes. She's absolutley everything I ever wanted. I need to find her. I have no idea where to start, I don't know her name, where she lives or anything. All I know is that she's the one and that she has our sea star. I'll ask Blake what he thinks I should do when I meet him and the guys at the boardwalk.

Eva's P.O.V.
My parents wanted to go souvenir shopping so we stopped at a lame store that sells mostly t-shirts and keychains. I couldn't help looking at the keychains that are shaped like sea stars. I remembered what the boy said about my eyes matching the color of the sea star. I never really looked at my eyes before he said that, now I can't stop thinking about his aqua colored dazzling eyes.
"Hi", I look behind me and see him, the boy I'm in love with.
"It's you. Well, I, um, I didn't catch your name before", I stuttered nervously.
"Oh sorry, my name's Max Simons. And your name is?"
"My na-".
"Evangeline Marie Jones, where are you? I want to see if this shirt fits you", my mom yelled across store interupting me.
"Yeah, well, that was my mom, and most people just call me Eva".
"I think your name is beautiful and perfect just like you". He started to make me blush.
"Aww, thanks but I have to go try on a shirt, be right back, Okay?".
"I'll be right here waiting", he said with a smile.

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