Evangeline Jones, or Eva, was on a beach during summer vacation in California when her life was changed forever. Max Simons has always lived in sunny Los Angeles, California, in fact he’s never been out of the state. Max has a history of bad break-ups, but will a certain temporary new-comer change all of that? And will a horrible accident keep them apart? Is Blake there only hope of finding each other? It all started with a Sea Star.


1. The Perfect Moment

Eva's P.O.V.
California beaches are so beautiful, almost enchanting. I'm walking down the shoreline, the sun is setting on the water. I wish Josh was here. We could hold hands and kiss and it would be perfect. "your the apple to my pie, your the straw to my berry, your the smoke to my high and your the one I want to marry," came bursting from my pocket. The Perfect Two by Auburn is our song, so I knew josh was calling. I answered it with rapid speed, I really miss that boy. I started to babble like crazy,
"Hi, I missed you so much. I was just thinking about you. The beaches are very nice here. How is it back in Florida? I really, really, really, missed y-"
 "Gezz, Eve are you on something? You've only been there a day and a half."
that was kind of rude, he's never said something like that to me before.
"Josh what is wrong with you? You never treat me this way"
"No worrys babe, oh by the way we're over" WHAT? This couldn't be real, it's just because he's tired, I'm just dreaming, He's joking, let it be anything else than him breaking up with me. "What?", I feel tears ready to explode.
"I said I'm breaking up with you."
I start blubbering, tears are flowing off my face,"Why? I love you."
He than answered back with content, terrifying words,"I might as well, I been cheating on you anyhow." "WHAT? You back stabbing loser, I can't believe you!" I hung up the phone. There goes that perfect moment I dreamed less than five minutes ago. I sat at the edge of the water, tears running out of my eyes. I muttered to myself, “I loved him, he loved me, or he SAID that he loved me. How long has he been cheating?” My life is definitely ruined.

Max’s P.O.V.
I don’t get how there are guys that can just look at a girl and make her fall in love and there are guys, like me, who don’t get noticed by any girls unless they want to make someone else jealous. I just caught my girlfriend, Jenna,  making-out with her ex-boyfriend, Henry. Which now makes her my ex-girlfriend. So now I’m here were I always go after being dumped, the beach. I don’t think it has a name, I never see anyone else out here. It’s a hidden little bay surrounded by trees. I never told anybody about this place or seen anyone else on it, except for today. There was a girl my age there, crying. I don’t think she knows I’m here, she keeps mumbling about a guy cheating on her. I know how she feels, I’ve been cheated on ten times in the past month. I just noticed how beautiful she is, long beach-blonde hair, perfectly tanned skin, I bet her eyes are beautiful too.

Eva’s P.O.V.
“Hey, are you all right?”
I was so startled I could barely breathe, I’ve been alone on this beach for two hours. I looked behind me and a boy about my age with the most dazzling smile I ever seen was standing there. I almost forgot about Josh and smiled than I wiped my tears and turned back around. The boy sat next to me, I feel something weird in my stomach, something I never felt around Josh. We sat there and no one said a word but it felt like we had a whole conversation. I occasionally sneak peaks at him, his eyes are a magnificent shade of blue, I think is called aqua but I can’t think straight right now. I look at the sun setting it’s so magical. Out of nowhere a huge wave splashes over us. After the wave goes back to sea we’re both soaked and we start hysterically laughing when the most wonderful thing happened. He started to lean toward me, going for a kiss. Should I kiss him? I just met him. I also start to lean in, as our lips are about to touch, it starts to lightly rain. We both started laughing then we saw a sea star that washed up on the beach. He picked it up, "It's dead". Aww poor sea star! "Here you keep it", He placed it in my hand, "It matches your eyes". It was the size of my hand. Then he pulled me in close, so close our foreheads were touching. Then we kissed. After that the rain got worse and lightning started to appear so we ran for cover in the woods. He ran faster than I did so I lost him and decided to just go home. That was the most romantic kiss I ever experienced. It was my perfect moment, one I’ll remember forever. I found my sole mate, my true love, my other half. To bad I don’t know where he lives. Or who he is. All I have is a sea star.


-I Know It's Cheesy-

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