Evangeline Jones, or Eva, was on a beach during summer vacation in California when her life was changed forever. Max Simons has always lived in sunny Los Angeles, California, in fact he’s never been out of the state. Max has a history of bad break-ups, but will a certain temporary new-comer change all of that? And will a horrible accident keep them apart? Is Blake there only hope of finding each other? It all started with a Sea Star.


3. See You Again, Hopefully

Max's P.O.V.
As I wait for Eva to come back, I think about Eva's eyes, Eva's hair, Eva's smile, Eva's voice, Eva, Eva, Eva, Evangeline. Now that I know her name I can't get it out of my mind. I look around, the store is one of those that are half inside half outside. Right now I'm outside next to the keychain section. I wonder when Eva's going to come back. Oh there's Blake, I almost forgot about hanging out with the guys. Blake was looking at something, he looks frightened.
 I look to my right just in time to see a car driving out-of-control right towards me. Then it hurt, and everything went black.

Blake's P.O.V.
I just saw my best friend get run over by a car. I just stand there not believing what I saw. Then realization came over me and I grabbed my cellphone and called 9-1-1. Then I ran to Max's side, he didn't look too damaged. His head was bleeding tremendously, I took my shirt off and wrapped it around his head. I can't believe this.

Eva's P.O.V.
After trying on about ten lame t-shirts my mom finally let me go. I walk outside and see a major car crash and a few dozen people surrounding the wreak. I hope nobody got too hurt. Max must be in the crowds of people, looking at the accident. I wait for about ten minutes then started getting worried.
"Evangeline we got to g-, Oh my", my mom just saw the car accident and was in shock. She's not used to seeing those things up close and I just simply iggnored it. All I can really think about is Max.

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