Evangeline Jones, or Eva, was on a beach during summer vacation in California when her life was changed forever. Max Simons has always lived in sunny Los Angeles, California, in fact he’s never been out of the state. Max has a history of bad break-ups, but will a certain temporary new-comer change all of that? And will a horrible accident keep them apart? Is Blake there only hope of finding each other? It all started with a Sea Star.


8. Long Lost Love

Eva's P.O.V.
The flight was as hot and stuffy as it was four years ago. The only difference this time she had hope she was going to find him. As soon as I get of this plane I'm going to go to the beach I met Max and I know he has to be there.

Blake's P.O.V.
I just don't know what to do, I've spent my entire life on Max. I don't regret trying, I regret failing. I at least had chosen to spend my life on someone else, he didn't, he's forced. I feel like I owe him, I was there, I could have said something to at least of warned him. I just stood there, staring. I have to find her, even if she's all the way across the world, I owe it to Max. All I have is a drawing, what might be her name, and the fact she was on a beach with Max and they fell in love four years ago to this day. I'm going to the old boarded up souvineer shop were Max's life ( and mine ) fell apart. I like to go there and think about what I could have done. I go here every year than head of to the hospital to see if hopefully Max had waken up, but so far he never has.

Eva's P.O.V.
I went to the beach, unfortunately it's now a luxury resort. I look around, it's crowded and I doubt he'd be here now anyway. Maybe I should go to the souvineer shop, maybe he's hanging around there like he did four years ago. If he's not there at least I tried, right? As I walk up to the shop I realize it's closed down. Every store that was there four years ago looks all shut down. No one's around, it's extremely silent. Wait there is someone here, he's sitting on the same rusty green bench I sat on four years ago except now it's even more rusty and dirty. He looks sad and deep in thought, his green eyes replaying some sort of disaster, his blonde hair messy. I feel sad too, so I feel sorry for him.

Max's P.O.V.
"Are you ok?", a girl said. She seemed to come out of nowhere, she kind of startled me. She looked a little familiar.
"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that, that something, horrible happened here four years ago", I confessed. She seemed very interested in this.
"What happened?"
"My best friend was hit by a car, right here, four years ago, today."
"I was here, I saw that there was a crashed car and ambulances, but people were surrounding the wreak so I saw nothing really," she said .
"My friend is ok, well sort of. My friend is in a coma."
"Wow, what is your friend's name? I feel like I want to help out in some way, send them "get well" cards or something."
"His name is Max Simons, he's at the hospital down the street. I was just about to go there. Do you want to come?", I asked.
"Max Simons? He's, what, in a coma?", she looked both happy and scared.
"You know him?", I asked.
"Yes, um, well, I don't know if he told you about me but I'm Eva, or Evangeline Jones."
"Wait, your Eva? I've been looking for you for four years, you need to go to the hospital right now!"

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