My Best Friends Brother

Kaya, lives in a small town and has the best friend in the world Kara. Kara's brother Zayn is such a bad boy. Kaya has never liked him. But after Kara goes to the store Kaya begins to see another side of Zayn. Then she begins to create feelings for him. But how will this effect Kara and Kaya's friendship?


1. Intro

(KAYA'S POV) Let me start of by saying Kara and I have been friends since 5th grade. She was the new girl and I befriended her. We went to the same schools from then on. We are both 19 (I'm older by 4 months). We were both going to UCLA, and we were loving it! We decided to stop at he house for Christmas break. I wasn't all for the idea. Kara has a brother who isn't my favorite of the Malik family. He had a motorcycle and lots of tatoo's. He was kind of a player and I just didn't appreciate that. But I thought over the time we were gone he had changed. The week before Christmas I called my parents to say I was going to Kara's before my house. They were fine with it. So I guess I was going to Kara's. On our flight, which was 13 hours long, we talked about how excited we were to be back home. When we got to the airport, of course Zayn picked us up. And he of course didn't change. He was smoking. He was wearing his old tee-shirt, jeans, and of course his "vintage" sunglasses. Of course Kara was excited to see him "Hey Zayn!" He couldn't find her. She was kind of short. But finally he found her. He put out his cigarette and walked over towards us. "Hey Kara. How are you?" She smiled, I was emotionless." It's great! I have the most amazing classes..." She went on and on and Zayn didn't even seem to care. He of course brought his motorcycle. So zayn drove, Kara sat behind him and of course I sat in the little seat on the side. I felt like a complete idiot. "You comfortable Kaya?" I looked up at her "oh yeah.. Well I'm sure I can manage." Zayn started chuckling and then drove. I knew this was going to be a long trip.
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