A Twist in Events (For the Twilight Ends Here Competition) (COMPLETED)

Imagine if Bella hadn't immediately fallen for Edward. Imagine if Edward hadn't been a vampire to begin with, and that he loved Bella, but was to shy to ask her out. Imagine if she had already gotten a Boyfriend in the form of Jacob Black, and that when Edward finally got up the courage to ask her, he found out she wasn't single and did something drastic. So drastic it would change everything....


12. The fight

PREVIOUSLY Bella watched as Edward ran faster than she thought was possible, into the wood, with Jacob hot on his tail.

Edward ran into the woods, he thought that it would be better there, away from the eyes of everyone else, who would probably get them shot and dissected, because of the way they thought. He knew that Jacob was think the same thing, (after all one of the special powers he got was mind reading), and when they were both out of sight he knew that Jacob had turned. Edward ran faster, he knew he was running faster than any normal human could, when they had crashed out of the library, but now he was running faster than speed of light.

"What are you?" Jacob growled when they reached the clearing, he was back to being in his human form, clearly he only used his wolf form to run faster, Edward thought to himself.

"No human can run as faster as you did."

"I'm a vampire. I changed to protect the ones I love from threats."

"Does your family know? What about Bella? Does she know?"

"Its been hard keeping a secret like this but nobody knows. I live off the blood of animals. So I won't hurt anybody I care about, and I stayed with my godfathers to control myself."

Jacob looked shocked. "So you are a blood sucker?" Jacob sneered.

That got Edward mad. "What about you? Wolf boy."

"I wouldn't get me mad if I were you."

"Well that's the thing. We're both monsters, we have our strengths, our weaknesses, and we both love Bella, but she can only love one of us. So yes actually I do want to get you mad, because getting you mad releases the wolf within you, and that will mean the fight will be fair." Edward explained, using a voice as though he was talking to a child.

"You want a fight?" Jacob asked, his entire body shaking. "Then your going to get a fight."

Jacob form suddenly ripped, and turned into a werewolf.

Jacob growled at Edward at the fight began.

Both Edward at Jacob, were moving quickly out of each others attacks, as they tried to rip each other apart. Jacob tried using his claws and teeth, as he tried to penetrate Edward hard flesh, but every time Jacob sank his teeth into the flesh, the wound would quickly heal.

Edward was using his mind reading skills to anticipate Jacob's every move, and on one or two occasions, Jacob managed to fool him. But Edward had the advantage. As Jacob made another attempt to sink his teeth in Edward's arm, Edward twisted and grabbed him in a death lock. He was just about to rip his head off when a sudden shouted stopped him in his tracks.

Edward looked up to see it was Bella, she had a scared expression plastered on her face, so clearly she had seen the whole event.

"Look I don't know what you are Edward, you are obviously strong and fast. But you said you'd protect me, you said you wouldn't hurt me." She had tears in her eyes as she spoke.

Edward's cold heart broke at the sight, and he released Jacob, who transformed back into a human. Edward looked over at Jacob to see he was mirroring Edward's exact movements and emotion.

"Look I love you both, but Edward I love you as a brother, and if you kill him. You'll end up hurting me. And Jake if you hurt him, then you'll also hurt me. I need you both, no matter what you are. So can you get along, for me?"

"But Bella. What if he hurts you again?" Edward asked, trying to beg her to see reason.

"Then I'll have you to protect me. Please Edward, like I said, I don't know what you are, I don't understand the nature of either of you. But I know with you both around, I will never get hurt."

Edward and Jacob looked at each other, could they really call truce, and be friends again after years of hate, and now being in love with the same girl?

"Jacob, please." Bella begged, seeing the look of disgust on his face. "If you care about my safety, then you'll agree."

Edward thought for a moment, he could see Bella's reasoning and even though he hated the idea that she'd never be his, he preferred the idea of being her friend, than being nothing to her.

"She's right, lets bury our hatred, and be mates again, besides, if you get angry again, won't you rather take your anger out on me, who will heal quickly, or her, when she'll be scarred for life." Edward asked, pointing to Bella.

Jacob smirked at that one.

"Alright fine, but if you touch my girl, in more than a brotherly way, then I'm going to kill you." Jacob said smiling, and holding out his hand.

"Deal." Edward said, as the pair shock hands.

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