A Twist in Events (For the Twilight Ends Here Competition) (COMPLETED)

Imagine if Bella hadn't immediately fallen for Edward. Imagine if Edward hadn't been a vampire to begin with, and that he loved Bella, but was to shy to ask her out. Imagine if she had already gotten a Boyfriend in the form of Jacob Black, and that when Edward finally got up the courage to ask her, he found out she wasn't single and did something drastic. So drastic it would change everything....


3. The factory

PREVIOUSLY Edward has agreed to help Bella with her school work. On top of that, Bella's incredible Maths intelligence has scored them a Maths pass. So they will be spending two hours alone.......

The following day, Edward woke up happy, he could wait for the second period to come around, so he could spend that time alone with Bella. His lunch time spent tutoring Bella had gone well, but he hadn't got to chance to  really talk to her. But today Edward was determined to ask her out.

As Edward got ready for the biggest school day of his life, he wasn't sure where this new found confidence had come from, he had always been so quiet, and even since laying eyes on Bella he had been scared of even talking to her; but right now, Edward didn't care where his confidence had come from, he was just grateful it had.

(An hour later).

Edward sat feeling quite bored, for him English seemed to drag. For most of the lesson Edward's gaze, went back and forth between the clock, and Bella, who had a look of determination and concentration plastered on her face.

Edward smiled thinking about the way she had tried to take in all the information that he had given her.

"Mr Cullen, I assume by the grin on your face, that you have the answer to my question, and that you don't need this lecture, would you like to share with the class what has amused you about, the death of Romeo and Juliet?" Mr Birdy raised his voice when he said 'Mr Cullen', and the mention of his name, had bought Edward out of his trance.

Edward could have sworn that his face had turned a bright shade of red, as everyone turned to look at him.

"I'm sorry Mr Birdy, I don't have an answer to your question, or an explanation to me grinning."

Mr Birdy sighed, "Very well, Mr Cullen, you can think of a reason during detention!"

Edward looked nodded, and sank in his chair, trying with all his might to concentrate on the remaining time of his lesson, but out the corner of his eye he could see Bella was smirking and shaking her head at him. In that instance Edward wondered if Bella was experiencing the same feelings as him....

The Bell rang at that moment, signalling the end of the first period, and Edward eagerly picked up his belongings and raced out of class to his car, to wait for Bella. The pair had agreed that Edward's plush, Volvo, would be safe to travel in, than her beat-up, second hand truck.

Edward sat in the driver's seat, tapping the steering wheel as he waited, when the door was pulled open, Edward looked up to see a flush looking Bella, climbing in.

"Sorry I took so long, I want to see if there was anything I could do for extra credit."

"There's no need to apologize, do you have the address?"

Bella looked down at the piece of paper in her hand, and typed in the address to the Clothes factory in Seattle, into the sat-nav. Edward smiled to himself as he pulled out of the school's car park.

(An hour later).

Edward couldn't believe how quickly time was going, and he still hadn't asked Bella out. He decided that if he wanted to get an answer before they left, he would have to be quick. But there was still so much they had to do, if they wanted to get an A on their project.

Edward followed Bella around, as they asked the manager and colleagues about how they used Maths in their work, before experimenting themselves in designing clothes using the Maths tactics they learned.

As the pair walked to Edward's car, all smiles and binders full of their findings, Edward seized the moment, and turned to Bella.

"Bella, I really like you, will you go out with me?" He asked, even to his own ears, he thought he sounded blunt, but he had to hope that she felt something towards him.


But Bella didn't have chance to say a word before Edward crashed his lips down on hers. He felt the fireworks exploding through him, as he kissed, but it didn't last for long.

Bella soon pulled away from him, and looked teary-eyed at him.

"Edward, I have a boyfriend....."

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