A Twist in Events (For the Twilight Ends Here Competition) (COMPLETED)

Imagine if Bella hadn't immediately fallen for Edward. Imagine if Edward hadn't been a vampire to begin with, and that he loved Bella, but was to shy to ask her out. Imagine if she had already gotten a Boyfriend in the form of Jacob Black, and that when Edward finally got up the courage to ask her, he found out she wasn't single and did something drastic. So drastic it would change everything....


8. Staying

PREVIOUSLY He knew he couldn't let Jacob ruin her life as well. "I'll do it....."

Edward woke up, he had a massive headache, and his vision was blurry, he had no idea, why he was asleep on his godfather's couch. All he remembered was agreeing to becoming a vampire, and then everything went black. Edward didn't know what happened, but it felt like it was a dream, his headache was the only thing that told him, this was no way a dream.

Edward carefully sat up, and was shocked to see Aro standing above him. "Careful boy, you have only just woke up, you need to adjust."

"What are you talking about Aro." Edward asked, while rubbing his head.

"You're a vampire."

"WHAT!!!!! You have to be kidding me."

"No, here test it yourself." Aro handed Edward Marcus's knife, that was lying on the coffee table, from the day before.

Edward took the knife apprehensively and cut his arm, just like Marcus had done. He then threw the knife across the coffee table, before proceeding to lick his wound, and as sure as Aro had been, the wound healed instantly.

Edward looked at his arm, disbelievingly, before smiling. "Cool."

Edward started getting up, but was immediately stopped. "Hold your horses, now where do you think you're going?"


"Oh no you don't, we told you last night that if he decided to become a vampire, then you would have to stay with us for a while in order to learn control. You don't want to go home, and kill your parents just because you can't control the blood lust, do you?"

Edward shook his head.

"Right then." Aro smiled smugly, "Now, it normally takes decades to master this, but there is a really simple way in gaining self-control, and it will only take a few months."

Edward nodded, not really taking it all in, did Aro just tell him that he wouldn't be able to go home for a few months? It could be too late for Bella by then. But Edward knew that there was going to be no arguing with these men.

"But before we get started, I suggest you call your parents."

Edward took his phone from his pocket, and began dialing the number. After three rings, he heard his mum's tired voice.

"Hello Mum,"

"Oh, hi sweetie." she replied, sounding a little more awake now that she knew she was speaking to him. "Are you alright?"

"Yes mum, I'm fine, but I have decided to stay here for a few months, its nice being away from school."

"OK, can you tell me why you want to be away from school?"

"I.....I've just bumped into Jacob Black a few times, and I just know that if I see him one more time then I'll do something I regret, so I just want to take a break from it,"

"I see, well OK, make sure to let us know how you are."

"I will mum, bye."

Edward hung up, and stared at Aro.

"Well now that is done with, let's get on with some self-control."

(A few months later).

"Right Edward, are you ready to go back home?" Caius asked, as he drove Edward to the airport.

"Yes Caius, thank you for everything."

"Your welcome, dear boy. I hope everything goes as you hope. Remember we are only a phone call away if you need help. But as long as you remember to go someplace secluded, when you feel angry then you should be fine. Also remember the tactics we showed you." Caius told him, as they pulled up at the airport.

"I will do Caius, thank you, and I will let you know as soon as I get home to let you know I'm safe." 

Caius smiled and gave him an awkward manly hug, before Edward got out to catch his plane.

Edward passed many people, who all smiled at him, Edward was a different boy from when he was here last time, but nobody seemed to notice just how different he was, he just hoped Bella liked the new him.


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