A Twist in Events (For the Twilight Ends Here Competition) (COMPLETED)

Imagine if Bella hadn't immediately fallen for Edward. Imagine if Edward hadn't been a vampire to begin with, and that he loved Bella, but was to shy to ask her out. Imagine if she had already gotten a Boyfriend in the form of Jacob Black, and that when Edward finally got up the courage to ask her, he found out she wasn't single and did something drastic. So drastic it would change everything....


2. A long day

PREVIOUSLY: As Edward sat down at the front of the room, he was actually glad it was double Maths, nothing could distract him from Maths, or that's what he thought....

Edward had just settled his books down in front of him, when the doors swung open. Edward glanced up, and then back down at his work, before realizing who he just saw at the classroom door. Edward's head snapped back up, and sure enough, there was Bella Swan.
'What's she doing here?' thought Edward angrily.

"E...Excuse me?" As soon as, Edward heard her voice, he knew he couldn't be angry that she had turned up to his class; he just wondered what she was doing here. He knew Bella had been average in all her class. Some people had started spreading rumours that she had the looks, but not the brains, and that the only reason she got anywhere in her class was because she paid others to do it.

Edward never believed any of that was true, but he knew she did struggle in the classes he shared with her. So if she was a thick as everyone said she was, then what was she doing in advanced, double Maths.

Edward watched her curiously as spoke with the teacher, and then made her way to his desk. He quickly moved all his belongings out of the way, so she could sit down.
'It's going to be a long day.' thought Edward, as she sat down.

"Hi." He spoke quietly so only she would hear.

"H...Hi." She stammered.

Edward was just about to speak again, when the teacher spoke up. "Right, today I want you all to work in your pairs, to solve the problems on the sheet, I am passing around now. The first person, to get the correct answers will a pass from their normal Maths lesson, in which they will together conduct research, in how Maths is used in a factory."

As the teacher placed the sheets down on the table, Edward made a grab for them, and handed one to Bella.

"Thanks." Bella smiled kindly, taking the sheet from his hand.

Edward smiled back, before staring down at the sheet in front of him.

"The first answer is 64." Bella whispered to him, a while later.

Edward stared at her, "Sorry, what!" He said blankly.

"64. That's the answer to the first."

Edward looked back down at the sheet, and back up at Bella. She was right. So she wasn't as stupid as people said she was.

Edward didn't realize he was staring, until he heard, Bella speak up.

"You don't have to look at me like that. I know the whole school thinks I'm stupid, but I am not stupid in every class. I am quite good in Maths."

"I didn't say you were stupid, and I also don't think you are, you're clearly clever to have moved up to advanced double Maths." Edward smiled, "What subjects do you struggle with?"

Bella looked at him questioningly.

"I'm here to help." Edward tried reassuring her.

"I struggle with English." Bella said quietly.

"Well how about this, if your not busy at lunch, we could meet up in the library and I could tutor you?" Edward suggested, he didn't know what was happening, but he had a surge of confidence, and he didn't want to miss an opportunity. He had to use Bella's problem with English to his advantage.

"I'd like that." Bella said, reaching out to grab his hand.

Edward smiled, "It's a date then." Edward chuckled.

Bella nodded smiling, before they both resumed working on their Maths.

(A little while later).

Edward and Bella left the classroom, making arrangements to meet in the library, at lunch. Edward felt on top of the world. He couldn't believe that at the beginning of the lesson he was dreading the 2 hours he would have to spend with the intoxicating smell, of her perfume next to him. And now he had arranged to tutor her. This was the first step in launching him into asking for a date.

On top of all that, Bella's incredible Maths intelligence had scored them the Maths pass, they would be spending two hours together outside of school, for Edward this was a dream come true.


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