Story Of A Teenage Murder

Lissy had never fitted in at school. Being teased, bullied and hurt both emotionally and physically, she can't take anymore. All she wants to do is get revenge. And that is what she does.


1. Wakeing up


My alarm clocked buzzed me out of a deep sleep.Monday. I felt like crying. I turn of the clock and push the black bedcovers off me. I shower and lift my head to the cold spray. After blowdrying my long black hair, I struggle into a long flowing black skirt and a black vest. I slip my blck boots on and brush my teeth. I comb my hair and apply black eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick. I am too nervous to eat. I bundle up my books, pencil case and gym kit into my SKULL bag and grab a Monster energy drink out the fridge. I get my ipod, earphones and blackberry and say goodbye to my dear sweet mother. Reluctantly, I board the bus and sit down. I listen to Evanesscances Bring me to life and mouth the words. Sipping my drink I use the Sprint Internet I have and check facebook on my phone. Adele Parks commented on your timeline. How r u freak?????

I feel tears leak down my face. I wipe them away quickly. I then notice that I have a wattpad alert. I joined wattpad last year, and write poems.

Delia_Munroe sent you a message

@_Dark_Poet I love your peice Poems From The Grave please write more you are so talented and real nice. Bet you are real popular at your school!!

My stomach lurched. I typed

@Delia_Munroe why thanks, but you are wrong . I am one of the most unpopular people at school

The bus pulled up outside my school. Oh help.

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