She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


12. Transform

"Oh my lord Wolf your gonna have to get over this" I said still laying in the floor with Jaygo. Wolf growled at Jaygo and beard his teeth. He'd only bean like this when he felt ether me or himself was in danger, I did not know a wolf to get so jealous. To my surprise Jaygo started growling at wolf. it was low and deep, I could feel the vibrations from his chest. It's not like a human pretending to growling it was like a real wolf. 

"Jaygo!" I said a little shocked  


"Your so mean" 

"I'm the one being mean" he says as if it's unthinkable

"Yes. He's bean the senter of attention for the past two and a half years of corse he's going to be jealous, just try not to be to harsh on him." 

"Okay if I must" he said and leaned to kiss me but stopped when Wolf started growling again "look you and me aren't gonna get on if carry on like this" he said pointing a finger at Wolf. 

"Oh my god" I muttered and got up off the ground. I walked over to the my back pack and started looking through to make sure I had everything for the evening. Jaygo started giggling behind me. I turned to see him trying to keep a strait face but failed 

"what" I said frowning at him 

"the rip in your shorts leaves veary little to the imagination"

"oh crap" I muttered as i twisted my back to find he rip was a lot bigger than what i first thought . i started to look around for my pant but could not find them "where's my pants gone?" I turned to Jaygo who was laying on his back looking a little to innocent. "Jaygo" I said putting my hands on my hips

"yes darling" he said sweetly. I moved to stand next to him 

"where's my pants" 

"I have no Idea" he said and then smiled slightly. I knew he was lieing

"bull crap!" I said and nudged him with my foot "where did you hide them" 

"why do you want them so much. You don't need them" 

"Ah so you did hide them" 

"Yes but I'm not telling you where they are."

"But I need them it will get cold" 

"You forget, I'm hot blooded, am I not" he said motioning to his body. I shook my head to clearthe irresistible image he implanted in it.    

"That's if Wolf will even let use cuddle"  I said a folded my arms he sighed and pointed to a bush just on the border on the forest 

"thank you" I said curtly and retrieved them from a sticky thorn bush. Nice touch Jaygo. I thought as I slipped them on.

I couldn't do this anymore I had to try. I would beg him if I had too. We would feel closer if it was that way. I checked that Wolf wasn't looking , it turned out that he saw fast asleep with is head resting on his paws 

"Jaygo" I whispered trying to get his attention with out waking Wolf. He looked up at me and I motion for him to come with me. I walked in to the wood only about fave meters just so we could talk with out whispering. Jaygo was close behind me when I stopped at turned to face him. 

"What's wrong" he asked with a worried look in his eye. I couldn't find the words to tell him. I was beating myself up in my head telling myself to just say it to him. 

"Please" is all I can say 

"please what, what's wrong" he says. I can't spit out. the words they just don't fit in my head 

"just" I try to say them but I can't "please" 

"Bo I don't know what..." I see in his eyes that he's got the hint "Bo I told you not to night" 

"please Jaygo I'm scared" 

"Of what?" 

"Of loosening you" tears start running down my cheeks "I can't lose you again and I feel that if we do this then we can be closer" 

"you don't know that Bo-" 

"please Jaygo. I'm begging you... I can't lose you again" Jaygo sighs and takes me in his arms

"I can't" I say through my sobs "not again" 

"it's okay you won't lose me, I won't let that happen" he says trying to comfort me

"please Jaygo" 

"Bo I don't know if I can I've never done it before. What if something goes wrong" 

"I'm prepared to take that risk" I say quietly tears still running lightly down my face . his chest lefts as he sighs. 

"Bo" I look up at him. His eyes are glued to mine and slowly he leans down and kisses my lips then he moves down to my jaw line then further down to my neck. He lingers there for a bit then I feet the pressure of his teeth on my neck. It's not bad at first it was okay but as soon ad his teeth had broken through the skin a blast of pain ran through me body. I though at first it would be a quick bite but Jaygo held his teeth in. The pain was excruciating. It just filed m hole body and had no mercy. My nails dug in to jaygo's back and my teeth where clenched so hard I might chip one. I though that when Jaygo pulled back his teeth, the pain might not be as bad but I could not be ant more wrong. As soon as Jaygo pulled away my body lost all its strength and I fell to the floor. Nothing could prepare me for this and I was soon regretting my choice. I was shaking with pain it filled my hole body until there was nothing leafed but the pain. My eyes where clenched shut and and my hands clawed desperately at the dead leaves on the ground and for a way out but there was no escaping now. I begged Jaygo to do this. And he's now probably desperately trying to help me to make it easier but there no way. There no turning back I would have to endure this until it was all over. But at this point it looked like it would never end 

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