She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


7. Stay with me

He just lay there half dead, breathing heavenly and panting 

"Jaygo?" My voice was uneven and court at the end. He lifted his big head to look up at me then with a moan it fell back on the ground. I ran to him and knelt in the pool of his blood then spotted the bite mark by his shoulder "oh Jaygo" I placed my hand over the wound in a desperate attempted to stop bleeding but stopped when he winced and let out a little yelp. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I sat helpless not knowing what to do. I lean down and place my head to his looking into his eyes, his green gray eyes so full of love it made me cry even more. I keped repeating his name in my head not wanting to know how much time we have together 

"I'm okay Bo" came his voice in my head. I pulled back quickly and gasped. Yes my gifted. I quickly placed my head back to his "I have something to tell you" he thought

"what is it" 

"you know when you first met me in the woods befor you leafed I kissed you" I could hear in his head how weak he was

"yes, I know" I thought back 

"we'll there's something I did not tell you, when I kissed you I imprinted on you, I was not expecting to, i could not control it" 

"oh" was all I could think 

" that's why, when your away from me your heart aches. I know, it happens to me too and it's also why your still alive. That day by the lake, you should of died but our love put together was strong enough to keep your heart going... But I don't think it would be enough this time, my wounds are too great-"

 "No don't say that"

"I won't lie to you Bo it's not enough this time" tears stream down my face 

"What can I do" I ask 

"nothing just stay" 

"okay. What did Will do" I ask

"bit my shoulder and neck, there the worst places"

"I'm so sorry"

"it's not your fault I give as good as I get" he tried to shift himself but then whimpers 

"don't move if it hurts" 

"Sorry I won't" 

"I'm sorry I can't sit hear and watch you die, I have to get help" I was about to go find Chaybut he stopped me 

"no don't go please, just" his wolf eyes sequent in a wince of pain "stay" 

"okay" I shifted myself so I next to him with my head just touching his.

"it's okay... You'll be fine" he thought

"No. No I won't be wont be there" 

"it's okay" his thoughts where soft and loving "you"ll be fine" I closed my eyes not wanting to think about this as my tears still role down my cheeks "You'll be fine" his thoughts become more distant and less clear. I know what's happening but I'm too helpless to do anything but cry harder 

"I'm sorry" I think

"you'll be fine" his thought is so weak I only just hear it "I love you" then his thoughts just go black. I start sobbing uncontrollably. This could not be happening but it was. We hade nearly bean together a week and I lay next to his dead body

"im so sorry Jaygo" I say through my sods "this is my fault" I run my fingers through his fur and take in his sent. The last things I can use to remember the Boy I love. The only boy I love. The last boy I will love. My soul mate

i lay on the blood stained floor unable to move to stop crying i know soon I will cry myself to sleep and that's what I do, I fall into a dreamless sorrow filled sleep.



When I woke I was over some with lonelyness it hurt but when I woke up I was alone. Jaygo was not Next to me where he should be. I shoot up and franticly looked around.

"JAYGO" I call out but nothing. Panicking I get up off the floor and run in a random direction. In my dazed and confused condition I did not realise that I was running full pelt in to someone. I slammed In to him or her and fell back on the floor. I looked up to find the boy that was with Chay the own that told her to back off me 

"are you okay" he asked 

"Yeah I'm fine w-" I swallowed deeply "where's Jaygo" the boy shook his head sadly

"I'm sorry-" 

"no" I but in "no it's okay I just hoped". I get up and brushed myself down 

"erm I went to your house and told your brothers what happened. I  think there just as worried as I am" this made me think

"Hang on why would you be worried"

"Well if you are who Jaygo says you are then our world could change alot"


"Your brothers are coming" he said pointing behind me. I turn around to find John walking through the trees and behind him came Will. I started past John and up to will 

"YOU BARSTED" I yell and slap him right across the face "WHY, WHY WOULD TOU DO THAT. YOU FUCKING KILLED HIM" I go to punch him but John pulled me away 

"stop you can beat him up at home not hear" he says calmly. Tears start running down my face again and I fall I to johns arms. It's a pitiful rplacement of the arms I long for

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