She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


5. Secrets

I spent that night thrashing around in my sleep.dreams of the people I love turning in to wolves and not just family even people i don't know but still felt like I had connections to. One in the night John came to make sure I was okay apparently I was talking in my sleep quite loudly. I was too out of it to be embarrass. I got up early that morning just because I had had enough of falling out of my own bed. I went down the stairs and in to the kitchen where I found Will sitting at the table just looking down at the wood surface. He glanced up at me then back down at the table. I sighed then walked over to the kettle and put it on. I peeked at Will over my shoulder he still had his eyes on the table

 "do you want some tea?" I asked just to stop the awkwardness 

"no thanks" he said oh so much for stopping the awkwardness. I got a mug and put it on the side fill edit with two sugars and a tea bag then stood there tapping my finger on the work surface waiting for the kettle to boil. When it finally had I poured the water into the mug and then went to walk out the kitchen but...

"Boanka" I turned to face Will 


"sit down for a second" he said motioning to the chair in front do him. I stiffly moved my legs to the chair and then sat in it 

"what's up" there was a long paws in witch Will said nothing "Will what's wrong" he looked up at me



"Don't lie Boanka why where you in the forest yesterday" my fingers twisted in nots 

"I went to see a friend" I said as cooly as possible 

"who was this friend"

"that's non of your business"

"IT'S TOTALLY MY BUSINESS BOANKA" he snapped but I still stayed cool 

"no it I'd not Will and if you are gonna talk to me like that you will get nothing from me" with that I get up and walk out the room 

"I know about Jaygo" he calls after me. I slowly turn to face him "and I know what happened

yesterday by the lake" 

"how?" I say drowsing my arms 

"Yesterday after you leafed I went to your room to get your dirty cloths again and your rooms smelt of dirt so I followed you to the forest and to the lake where I saw you with that... Thing" 

anger boiled inside me but I suppressed it 

"Jaygo I'd not a dirt he has no family" 

"it may not be a blood family but trust me he has a family alright"

"what is it with you and them if Jaygo is a dirt they seem like perfectly nice people" 

"your wrong Boanka he will only hurt you, if you see love in his eyes you only see you emotions reflected back at you, it not real. Your family is real love" tears swell in my eyes as he talks 

"Jaygo would not hurt me-" 

"yes he will" Will buts in "and I don't want my sister hurt but him" I wiped my tears and look at the floor 

"I have never loved anyone as much as I love Jaydo" my words stemmed to enrage Will


"STOP SHOUTING" I shout back at him this takes him by off guard, I never shout, just then 

John comes in

"what's going on" I just shake my head and walk out the kitchen run up stairs and in my room I gallon my bead and sob in to my blankets. Jaygos not bad he would not hurt me, he loves me he said it, why does Will hate him so much he's never met him. There a light knock on the door and Vayna came in 

"you okay" he asks softly and I nod slightly "seemed like quite a bad argument


"you herd did you" I say sitting up and wiping my eyes

"I think the howl of Alaska herd"

"Oh god" I say hiding my face in my pillow

"it's okay" he said coming over to me and putting his arm around me

"Don't worry about Will he's just bitter" 

"About what "

"it's not my place you would have to ask him" I just sigh


"is what he said true" Vayna grimaces 

"We'll yes but because he is so bitter he has made it sound a lot worse than it really is. You are young and you are just experiencing life, don't worry about it"

"thanks Vayna" I say and he grimaces again "what?" 

"We'll is I stay in this room any longer I might start turning in to a girl" I start laughing and I

chuck my pillow at him. 

"Get out then" he giggles and walks out the room. Vayna really cheered me up, he always did. I slipped on my hunting boots and ran down stairs to find John coming out the kitchen. 

"You okay?" He asked 

"yeah I just wanna forget about it" 

"it's okay. Do you wanna talk to him" 

"I said I wanted to forget about it, not that I wanted to talk to him. I will just I'm still a bit mad at him.


"You know he has a point just be careful"  

"I know and I will" he smiles at me and I smile back. He walks up the stais and I wait for him to close the door to his room before I slip out the front door and run over the white lawn and into

the forest. I don't I have to move five foot in to the woods when I feel jaygo's present and just like that I spot him walking to me. I brake out in a smile and I can't control my legs start running to him. My need to feel his arms around me where always great but after this morning I needed him even more. When he saw me as smile crossed his face and I fell into his arms he spun me around and then pleased my feet softly on the floor 

"Missed me did you" he said smirking 

"You have no idea" I say and rested my head on his chest "I missed you so much"

"hay" he said softly making me look up at him "is there something wrong" 

"no" I lied "I'm just happy to be with you" he smiled and leaned down to kiss me. His lips where

soft on mine and the he started deepening the kiss but I let him I was so transfixed with the kissI constrained I that moment so much I wanted it to last forever 

"HEY GET YOU FILTHY MOUTH OF MY SISTER YOU DIRT" both our heads snap to where the voice came from. It was Will he looked like he wasting to kill Jaygo, or me, ot both of use. I pull away from Jaygo 

"Will stop this please can't you just be happy for me" but he was did not listen I new what he was going to do "No Will please don't" but it was too late. He let out a deep growl and right befor my eyes Will transformed in to his wolf form. Fear struck. 

"JAYGO RU-" I turned to find not Jaygo but a big black wolf






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