She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


9. Searching

I take in a beep breath to stedy myself then walk over the snow covered garden, maybe for the last time. When I reach the entrance to the forest, my home until I find him in life or death. I take a minuet to say good by to my child hood but I can't look back to the house if i did then it would be a hole lot harder. I take another deep breath and start in a stedy jog through the pine trees and ferns trying to find that inner pull that always lead me to him but I could not find it. I stop and try to consontrat on it.

"Boanka?" I turn to find Vayna standing behind me "what are you doing" I turn around and start walking way from him

"I'm leaving" I say

"why?" He calls back

"I can't live in that house anymore. Don't try and fallow me" he doesn't say anything else as I start to run from him and yell one last thing to him "I'll be back when I'm done" I start running faster to get way from the things that are pulling me back. I know now that Vayna will tell the others and they will come looking for me so I have to get away as fast and as far as possible even if that means running through the night. After awhile I come across Jaygo's old den. At first I gives me hope that maybe his hear but as I look around I see its cold and deserted. No one has bean hear sines me and Jaygo. I decide to take the animal pelts that made up the bed and stuff them in my back pack, they may come in handy. I take one last look around and set off running again. 

Too soon i start running out of breath and start consontrating on my breathing to take my mine off it but it only worked for a few minuets and I had to rest. I leand on the trunk of and old pine tree and slid down to sit on the ground. The cold winter wind gave me the means cooling down but it hurt my lungs as I pulled in the icy air. Suddenly I became awair of a sound in the distance. I soon picked it up someone was calling my name. My heart jolted, was it Jaygo?" I stood and looked around to find it was not Jaygo. Fear struck me. It was my brothers. I looked around for someway to escape and spotted a old sturdy pine tree. I tested the first branch with my wait, it seemed strong enough so I started to skale it as fast as I could. Once I had got high enough I hugged the trunk and prayed they did not see me but there voices where getting closer 

"please please go away" I muttered to myself but they where getting closer I could here there foot steps. Instead of Instently see me in the tree and trying to get me down, all six of them ran strait past the tree. I blinked surprsied and then smiled. My brothers are as thick as wood.

I climb back down the tree and clasp the knife that was in my pocked. I didn't want to do this but I could not risk being seen a or recognised again. I gathered all my hair in my fist, placed the knife to it and with one clean slash cut off my hair. I through the end on the floor and ruffled up my now veary sort hair. Now if someone saw me I would have enough time to hide befor they recognised me. That's the idea.

i put my back pack back on and start to walk in a different direction to my brothers. Now that I know that they are here looking for me I have to keep my garde up and find a place to stay. I spent the rest of the day looking for a good place to stay for the night. I settled for a little cave that seemed like no animal was living in. Placing my back pack on the floor. I got out the animal pelts and lay them on the floor. I thin saw that I hade forgotten to pack water, I hade a bottle but no water. It was no big deal there was a small stream near by and I had enough food but I knew this would not last forever, I would soon have to start hunting to stay alive but I Decide to cross that bridge when it comes and go get some water. I grab the bottle from my pack and walk out of the cave, down a little slope and to the stream where I crouch down down and fill the bottle. As I'm going this I spot little fish swimming about 

"great" I mutter " that can be tomorrow's breakfast" I screw the lid back on the bottle and head back to the cave. I'm only just starting to think I could get used to this when I'm given a horrible surprises. A the entrance of the cave stood a larg male wolf not a werwolf but a real wolf. I freeze but I'm too late the animal turns to me and growls bearing his large teeth. Slowly I get my knife out my pocket and crouch down a it to try and make the point of not being a threat but not letting him be a threat. He does not back off and I know soon he will attack. I hade to be ready for this and suddenly the wolf was running towards me. I forced myself to ran at him and be as loud as possible 

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR" I yell trying to be bigger and it worked at the last moment the male wolf skidded to a stop with flat ears and puppet eyes but I don't trust it enough to put my knife away "MY CAVE, NOT YOURS" I bellow at him and he starts backing away and only then do I see how thin he is, he's so malnourished and I'll looking. I sigh

"oh you poor thing" I said and climbed back in to the cave surched my bag for a large tin of corn beef and come back out again where the wolf is still standing. He watches me intently as I open

the can and scoop out the meat on the floor, he wolfs it down in seconds and when he's done looks up at me for more 

"No I have to eat too you know" I say and walk back in to the cave. I place the emply can back in my bag and settle down on the pelts but the wolf hade other ideas he had decided that he was happy to share the cave 

"oh no you don't I'm not sleeping with a wolf. Out, go on, get out" but he did not listen and culed up on the pelts next to me "uh I can't win" the wolf just lest out a little wine like he was telling to shut up " oh yes you lordship" I said and told my eyes. I hope this dog does not hang around like a bad smell   


Sorry about the short chapter I promos the next one will be longer and better.xxxxx love you lots 

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