She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


6. Run

No. No I could not be. The boy I loved stode in front of me but he was not a boy. A wolf. Beared teeth and hackles raised. I looked back at Will to find the same thing then franticly back at Jaygo I could tell by his stance that Jaygo did not want to fight he bowed his head to Will showing this, but I knew Will would not let him get away with this. They started circling each other testing each others strength. I was too shocked to move, to keep my eyes off them, to have the common seance to get out of there befor I got hurt, but I could not. And then right in front of my eyes Will went for Jaygo's neck. Jaygo emeadently when on the defensive by rearing up on his hind legs. They growled and snarled and snapped at each other, blood sprade on the floor as Will scratched Jaygo's face . Jaygo tried to regain himself  but was to slow. Will jumped on him and pined him to the floor. I stood there and watched the howl thing with out blinking, without thinking. Just taking it in was too much. Suddenly Jaygo went on the attack. He was still pind but had got his back legs on Wills stomach and launched him in the air. He landed right in front of me, this snapped me back to reality and only now did I see how much danger I was in. I looked up at Jaygo and could see his eyes that he does not want me to see this. I force me self to turne and run full pelt.

Running away. Very step I took hurt, it ripped my heart but I had to keep going. keep moving my limps even though they burned with stain. I just ran, and ran. T keep running it was the only thing I could do. Tears ran down my face and in the cold wind felt like they where freezing on my cheeks. My vision was blurred and I triped on roots and plants, but I could not stop. I ran deeper and deeper in to the woods until I did not know where I was. Only now did I slow to a walk and take in my surroundings. I have no idea where I am. I've never gone this fare before. Something slams into my back making me fall to the floor who ever it is straddles my back and pins me. The person grades my hair and pulls my head up 

"scream and you die" came a is sinister feamale voice

"who are you" I say through gritted teeth 

"Wouldn't you love to know" she said back with a little laugh. I struggle under her body but she digs he knees in my sides and pulls my hair even tighter 

"get of me" I spit 

"why are you hear what do you want" she hisses

"I want nothing your the one that atacked me". she growls at me for that

"Chay let her go" says a nother voice. a male voice. 

"But she's one of them" says the girl that's called Chay 

" let her do" says the male voice again. Chay gets off my back but does not let go of my hair until I'm standing. I front of me is a veary buff teenage boy lookes about 18. He only had a pair of cut off jeans on. Chay walked next to him she had a black vest , black skinny jeans and black boots. 

"What are you doing hear this is not you territory" said the boy 

"I'm running" I say simply 

"From what" says Chay. I decide not to lie but it's hard to say to someone that my brother and the boy I'm in love with and turned In to wolfs and are trying to kill each other 

"My family" I say. They both sniff the air in my direction

"Who's your family" says the boy 

"I have five brothers and my mother. my father died" they both glance at each other

"what's your name" asks Chay 

"Boanka Sarkie" this was a mistake Chays eyes widen in hatred and she raises her hand and slapped me round the face. I let out a little squeak in pain and couch my cheek

"Chay" the boy snaps at her. Only then do I see. Taking in the boys appearance he reminds me of some one. He reminds me of Jaygo. It all comes to me now, Will said that he had a family and if he is a wolf then that family must be a pack and It explains why the people in front of me seam to hate me. they are his pack. It explanes everything. 

"Jaygo" I mutter 

"What" hisses Chay 

"Jaygo I know Jaygo" they both glance at each other and then back at me "your part of jaygo's pack aren't you" 

"hardly" says the Chay "it's more like he's in our pack" 

"So you do know Jaygo" 

"yeah" she says "what's it to you" a suden burst of anger takes me of grade 

"my brother and him are trying to kill each other right one and I am competly helpless, that's what it is to me." I say throug gritted teeth 

"what do you know about Jaygo" says the boy

"That he is a wolf and I don't know how that works because I though my family was the only one . I know that my family and his don't get on" I missed out the part that he is the only boy I have ever truly loved. They look at me sceptically 

"what should we do with her" says Chay 

"take her back to the pack. I'll go look for Jaygo make sure he's okay" I could see by the look on Chays face she was not happy about this but she did not question his word . He started running off into the wooded witch leafed me with one ratty teenage girl. 

"Follow me" she with a sigh as I was the most boring drag in the world. I followed he through the trees in awkward silence as I looked down at my boots. A long low howl of pain made me look up 

"JAYGO" Chay yelled fair ringing in her voice like a bell asshe started sprinting through the trees and out of sight. My heat starts to thump in my chest. What's happened to him. Chay has run of with out me and I don't know where I am

"Jaygo" I mutter "JAYGO" I start running in the same direction letting my senses take control. I run for what seems like hours but in the end I come to a clearing where I find a black wolf lying in a large pool of blood  

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