She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


2. Odd Feelings


When we get back to the house my mother and Conner are sitting at the table. my brother is wearing a pair of sweat pants and there’s a small towel around his neck

"are you okay Conner" i asked sitting next to him. he nodded quickly and then groans

"you should have told me" my mother said "you could have bean in danger" i just ignored her and put my hand on Conners shoulder

"are you okay" panted Will "yeah I'm fine just a bit shaky that's all" confirmed Conner "right you boys go hunt" ordered my mother " and Boanka you go up to bed" I start to object but she gives me that look that all mothers are really good at and I slump off to bed. Two hours later and I know I'm not going to het any sleep so I get our of bed and put on my leather pants and warm jumper and my old hunting boots then climb out of the window and land in the cold snow. My breath makes little clouds of steam in the cool air and I brake in to a run in to the forest. I don't know wharf in going or what in doing I just run. I have run about a mile when I stop because there is a youth boy climbing up a tree I watch him a divided on climbing up he tree so I walked up to it . It was a very hard tree to climb with very thin branches and not very many of them but I could climb it all the same. I started to skald the tree carefully unroll I saw the boy looking down at me from a higher branch

 "why yellow Boanka" he said. I squinted in the dark ness to see him but still could not make out what he looked like

"how do you know my name" I ask

 "I have bean watching you what you did with your brother was brave"

"so your a stocker"

"Well i guess you could put it like that" he said and then climb down so his faces was inches from mine "your very interesting" i felt his breath on my faces and it was only now i saw what he looked like. he was very scruffy with long curly hair that came to his chin and his eyes sparkled green in the moon light even with a streak of dirt on his cheek he looked handsome. He smiled and then ran across the branch he was standing on and jumped to the next tree. i would be impressed but i can do the same just as well. i ran across the same branch the boy did and landed on the same but when i did i found the branch we where on could not hold both our body’s so i jumped to the next branch

"how long have you bean watching me for" i ask

"about a year" he answers

"what is it about me that is so interesting"

"everything but most of all the was you can take down your 25 year old brother"

"oh you saw that did you". he smiled at me

"i have seen a lot". i should be feeling uneasy but i don't

" who are you?" i ask he does not answers but jumps off the branch and then on the forest floor. Its quit a big drop about 8 feet, when he lands he looks up at me and I blink at him astonished. I can do all the things he could but i have never net anyone how could do it. I jump down and land next to him and he holds out his hand

"the names Jaygo" he said and i shake his hand its warm bur not sweaty. very warm the only time i have felt skin so warm is on my brothers but it must be me.

"Boanka that’s such a mouth full do you mind if i call you Bo" he says not letting go of my hand

"Err sure"

"thanks Bo" he says and we both laugh

 "so where do you live"

"hear in the woods"

"don't you have a family?" I ask. He stops smiling and looks down at the forest floor

 "I do but there different to me they don't... Understand me"

 "oh" is all I can say but the he comes very close to me and starts to talk in a whispered

 " Boanka I have known you longer than you have known me and you are the most amazing person I know the relationship you have with your broths is not one that I have seen before" and then he started to lean in to me. To kiss me. I move my head

 "Jaygo what are you doing" I say not moving an inch

 "please you have no idea how much I have wanted to kiss you please let me"

I'm frozen to the spot my mind is screaming at me to stop him but i cant. he leans in again, this time slipping one hand round my waste and the other on my cheek its so warm like he has a fever  “Don’t move” whispers and I don’t. he leans in, a lock of hid curly hair brushed my face and kisses my lips softly and slowly it becomes more needy. I do as he says not moving an inch but im so confused I don’t even know this boy and hes kissing me and I’m kissing him back. The only time I had seen anything like this is when my brother John met his wife but he imprinted on he so they where a perfect match. Jaygo pulls me in closer to him and I feel his tough trying to slip in to my mouth but I pull away there and then knowing if I go any longer I won’t be able to stop him or me

“Im sorry” he pants but I don’t say anything back I just stand there trying to catch my breath. Jaygo wipes his head around as if he has herd something and then he turns back to me “Im sorry I have to go but I’ll see you soon” and with that he runs off into the forest.

It takes me about half an hour to get home just because of what happened my mind was all over the place. I shimmy back up the drain pipe and fall back in to bed waiting for sunrise and trying to make sense of the what happened. Why did I feel so attracted to him why did I let him kiss me but before I could make it out it was sunrise and my mother was calling for every one to wake up.

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