She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


8. Half dead

I lay in my bed joy wanting to do anything, or think anything. I keep my mind blank and my body still for so long. I must have stayed in this one place for days. My family come to check on me with food and water, but I nearly touch it. I'm too sad to cry, too sad to live. I wanted to be selfish to take my life and be with Jaygo, to not look back, but I ain't to do that. I'm practically dead anyway. It was a very eventful night when we go back.

*flash back*

"Will, i told you noted to come" said John as i weeper in to his chest but Will just said nothing

"how could you" I whisper. Will straitens his back

"I do not regret what I did" he said nonchalantly . My eyes widen in shock of the words he just said. I want to call him every rude word I know and more. I want to hurt him as much as he has hurt me but I'm to scared. I fear my brother now. No he's not my brother, he's a murderer. I don't want anything to do with him

"leave Will, your not helping" said John sternly 

"she needs to know the truth about what they did to use"

"I don't care " I shout at him 

"no you don't care do you" he shouts back "you never ceard about the family. if you did you would not have run off with a dirt" 

"that does not give you the right to kill someone Will. Nothing gives you the right to do that" there was a long paws "I don't want to be relaited to a killer" and I walked away before I did do something stupid and end up killing him. 

When I got to the house everything was quiet and the only thing I hear are voice coming from the kitchen 

"why didn't any one tell her" came my mothers voice. I edged closer to the half closed kitchen door not wanting to be discovered.

"we didn't think it was needed" came Seths voice "unless she miraculously became a wolf witch is impossible"

"you know full well that it is possible" 

"We'll the chances of that happening are very small mum" said Conner 

"we'll now that Will has killed the boy his pack is gonna want revenge and there gonna be able to get to Boanka easily  because she loves him and she could get hurt or worse she could be killed" 

"mum I promise the dirts won't touch her" said Seth

"would you stop calling them that" mother snapped "they are wolfs just as much as you are"

"no there not. There not blood related there all mutts" said Conner. There was the bang of someone hand on the table 

"there more of a family than you guys are, if they had a young girl in ther pack and one of you where in lover with her they would not kill you. It sickens me to think that Will would do such a thing" 

"I think we would do the same if we felt Boanka was in danger" said seth. i walked In at this point and the room went silent as they all turned to me 

"Boanka" said seth standing 

"you would have killed him too?" I squeaked

"no Boanka-" but I did not let him Finnish. I got the message and I did I not want to hear his lies and excuses, it seemed I was on my own on this one.

i run up stairs and in to my room and try to calm myself down. I feel to strest and angry to sit and cry, I've had enough of crying. I walked up to my desk where I picked up a little pitcher of me and my brothers, arms round each other and laughing. Only now I know that this was false. My anger was boiling over. I through the pitcher to the wall with as much force I could and It shattered in to tiny paces. There was I light knock on my door and Seth walked in. I put my hands on the desk and leaned on it. 

"Get out Seth" I say as calmly as possible 

"Boanka you need to listen" but I don't. As he yaps on I grab a book and chuck it at him. it hits him square on the nose, even though he's covering it with his had the blood that drips down his face tells me I have broken it. 

"Get out" I scream picking up a mug that had bean leafed on my desk and throwing that at him but he got the message and closed the door just in time as the mug shattered on the wall just where he had bean 


*end of flash back*


Killing myself was out of the question but I couldn't just lay in this bed and do nothing. He doesn't feel dead, if he was dead I would not be able to still feel this heart ache. I think. It's the only hope I've got and I'm not letting it go. For the first time in days I got out of my bed walked up to my wardrobe where a large backpack I used for long walks lay. I ran around m room shoving warm cloths and blankets and I sock full on money I had bean saving for a rain day. Them I ran down stairs to the kitchen and stared to pack it with tins of food. I was just started to put some tined peaches when my mother comes in.

"Your up early" she said looking at my back pack "going somewhere" I get up and turn to her.

"I'm sorry mother but I can't stay her anymore. I don't believe he is dead he can't be and even if I spent the rest of my life looking for him at lest I have spent my time trying to be with him. It's better than this" to my surprise she nodded in agreement 

" I can't lie to you the boys have really lost the meaning of family they never used to hate them the two packs where friend but something happened I can't say what and they have bean avoiding each other ever since. Your brothers have forgotten what love is but you, you and that boy. That's real love what you have with him just may save this family even if you don't find him." 

"thanks mum" I whisper. She comes over to means kisses my fore head 

"hear" she mumbles " have this. It was your fathers befor he died he gave it to be but I think you need it more than me." It was a little pin. A small ring and at the bottom and sleeping wolf. She pined it to my jumper and then she placed something in my hand. I knife with a wicked sharp looking blade "just in case" she whispered "now go before I star crying" 

"okay. I love you mum" 

"love you too sweet heart" I slip the knife in my pocket then walked out the kitchen put on my hunting lots and walked our the house in to the cold crisp morning air. 


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